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The Just Beyond


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The death of his soul mate in a tragedy for which he blames himself leaves Michael Chandler broken and alone. The last thing he needs is for a terrifying apparition to appear with an ominous decree. But that’s only the first in a string of eerie occurrences that will throw his world into chaos and his life into escalating danger. Scared out of his mind, he will be framed for a murder, run afoul of police and a ruthless criminal, and flee by night across the country with a mysterious, enigmatic hitchhiker. In the thick of this maelstrom he’ll cross paths with an old flame, a beguiling vixen with her own life-and-death predicament that will force Michael into an impossible choice.

But Michael has something going for him – a secret that not even he knows. And when he stumbles onto an astounding metaphysical discovery, his dire straits and the mad universe around him begin to look very different.

Nice guys finish last? Wrong. Nice guys rock, with a hidden power their enemies can scarcely imagine. And Michael Chandler is about to become their poster child.

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Mark Tucker


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