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On the Brink


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The only way out of the flood is into the fire.

Despite the death that surrounds her, Hilaria McCleod is alive. And she remembers everything. But choosing to rebel against the Name Acquisition Program has its consequences.

Anthony remains missing—his body stolen for reasons Hilaria has yet to discover. Dark whispers float throughout Orleans about Ramsey Farreaux’s next move against the defiant Quarters. Job, too, seizes the opportunity to draw Hilaria in one stolen kiss at a time.

On a desperate quest to locate Anthony, Hilaria and Job reenter the nightmare landscape. There, she must choose what matters most—fighting for the lives of her people or rescuing a boy who doesn’t want to be saved.

In a place where nothing and no one are as they seem, Hilaria dares to rely on the one person who has never failed her: herself. Even then, trusting her conscience is the greatest risk of all.

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The Orleans Exodus




Nicole Aube


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