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Death is not finished with her…

With a little help from her death-seeing boyfriend, Lance Hampton, Hope Murdoch has already defeated fate once. Doing it again—and stopping a serial killer in the making—shouldn’t be too hard…except she hasn’t healed from her last brush with the psychopath, Lance is struggling with his personal demons, and she’s grounded. Tracking down a murderer is not easy when you’re basically under house arrest.

Yet, the seventeen-year-old mind reader isn’t about to let those trifling obstacles slow her down. So what if she has to lie to her parents and sneak out of the house to catch him? She is not the only one in danger.

Once again, Hope is faced with the burden of choosing between saving her own life and the victims starring in Lance’s visions. Getting past her parents’ house alarm is a walk in the dark compared with trying to get a murderer behind bars…or in the ground. With only a few clues to piece together, every path looks like a dead end—literally.

This time, the cost of changing her future may be too much to bear.

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Holly M. Campbell

1 review for Forewarned

  1. Roxanne Kade

    Forewarned was even more terrifying and compelling than Foreshadowed. Not only did Hope and Lance have to figure out who the crazed serial killer was, and in time to stop her murder as well as many others, but they had to deal with being normal teens; with overprotective parents (So refreshing to see this in a YA novel), the self-doubt and heartache that comes with first love, and having to deal with pesky rumors that made the good guy/hero seem like the villain.

    I have to admit, I missed Lance during the time that Hope was forbidden to see him. It felt like a piece of my heart was missing. Nothing was going to stop Hope from seeing him though, especially after her chance encounter with the perp at One Stop. The clock was ticking, and there was no time to waste.

    I felt that in this book Hope struggled so much more with her gift. She had to lie to parents, which tore her apart, and she wasn’t able to give the cops everything she knew about the killer for fear that (a) they’d think she was crazy, and (b) her testimony wouldn’t be strong enough to catch and keep the killer behind bars. She also battled with all the choices that were presented to her in her dreams. They were cryptic to say the least, but one thing she knew for certain was that following her instincts was not the way to go.

    I was on the edge of my seat the entire time while reading this novel. This identity of the killer drove me insane, especially at the moments when Hope was able to connect with his thoughts and read his mind. He was one sick individual. Hope’s desperation, once again, made her reckless, and even though she believed she was making the right choices based on her guide’s warnings, her decisions shaped the outcome of this story. It was a devastating twist that left me in tears and gasping for breath.

    One thing I’ve learnt from this story is that every choice we make comes with consequences; every decision alters, not only, our future but the future of those around us.
    This book was dark and sinister. Filled with suspense and heartache, it was a fantastic, spine-chilling thriller that held me in its clutches until the very end.

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