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Read the first FOUR chapters of Foretold by Holly Campbell!

It's self-defense, not murder…even if it is pre-meditated.

Hope Murdoch wants revenge. But the 17-year-old mind reader knows she cannot kill in cold blood. Her death-seeing boyfriend Lance Hampton warns the murderer is coming for her. Hope’s plan is simple, but dangerous: let him. She will learn to fight. Recruit other psychics. Further develop her gifts. And when he comes to take her, she will be ready and waiting….

But life—and death—is never that easy. As she seeks to put her plan in action, Hope must deal with cryptic messages from the other side, a pushy detective desperate for answers, and the fear that changing the future may yet again cost the life of someone she loves. After all, there is one death Lance has never been able to see. His own.

When a girl is kidnapped, Hope can no longer wait. She must go after the killer—become the stalker—whether she is ready or not. As vengeance consumes her, Hope risks more than her life. She risks her soul. Will she become a monster in order to defeat one?

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