Who knows how to plan a book release party? NOT ME! But I tried really, really hard.



So, I’m from a little town.  I’m talking like “Can’t find it on a map ‘cuz it ain’t big enough to be listed” kinda of small.  But, one thing my little town does–It’s called Poplarville, btw. Google it. If Google knows it exists, it MUST BE REAL.–is rally around its locals.  When people found out I had a book coming out with 48fourteen, their first response was not, “Hey! Can I get a copy?” or “Hey! That’s totally cool!” /awkward pause/ It was more like, “Hey! Let’s all get together and eat… and hey… wait! You have a book coming out… Let’s talk about it, and eat during that, too!”

I’m not writing all of this to make fun of my people.  I’m saying this is what we do: we rally, we eat, we fangirl about anything and everything. And we do it with the utmost love. All this raises the question: how do you throw a book release party? (And accomodate the high demand for the “eating.”)

1.) Choose the locale: Scooter’s, Main Street Poplarville… It’s all vintage inside, a completely redone old store with bare wood floors and plaster-coated brick walls.

2.) Choose the theme:  Kitchy-mod with a twist…inspired by both mine and Hilaria’s, my protag, love of all things old.

3.) Choose the goodies:  book marks, adult coloring sheets, and other stufffffff

4.) Choose the food: (See note above on the importance of this.) Roast beef poboys and spinach artichoke flat-bread pizzas….well, because it’s good.

5.) Choose the shoes: because we all know the party’s success hinges upon THE SHOES.  I’ll just leave this picture here for your fashionable viewing pleasure.


Then we decorate, decorate, decorate.  People arrive, stay, and have FUN, listening to NoLa street jazz, and just enjoy themselves, discussing all things On the Other Side related whilst stuffing their faces.  I never intended for the party to become a signing, but I ran out of books before the night was over.  I met lots of new faces; many came from a few hours away. I was bulldozed by students who’ve loved Hill from page one, and I got to tell her story to a whole host of new readers.  Overall, I consider the “launch”/”release”/”debut” a huge success.  It would not have been possible without my crew of doers, movers, shakers, and food prep engineers, and to them, I can’t say “thank you” enough.  Honestly, I can’t say thank you enough to anybody who’s made me feel welcome, loved, and supported…. so thank you again!

Now, enjoy these photos from the official On the Other Side release party courtesy of the ahhhmazing Gretchen Gegenheimer Photography!

12466287_1252958378050931_6556157298773022777_oBlog_release party_1

book signing -0124blog_release party_2

blog_release party_3

blog_release party_4book signing -0246

I have to tell you…if I learned anything from being photographed all night it’s that I make a host of stupid faces and have a wickedly awesome double chin. Seriously, it’s regal.  I wind down your release party experience with what I shall hereafter refer to as “The Aube Awful Face Montage.”

blog_release party_5

And I finish this awesome photography off with this little beauty… I really have no idea what’s going on here, but it’s too funny not to share.  Ole much? That’s Elizabeth on the left and Anya on the right, two of my former students and precious darlings and biggest supporters!

book signing -0312

Anyway… that was the party!  A huge shout out one more time to Gretchen Gegenheimer for offering her photography services… That is a woman of many talents! We even had a photo booth–obviously not pictured–but I have pics up on my Facebook if you want to check them out. (Stop by and like my page, too!)  And a humongous shout out to Chemin Pitre at Scooter’s for providing the food, the facility, and the fantastic atmosphere!

Okay, I’m out! If you’re super curious about the #teamanthony and #teamjob stuff, you gotta read the novel!  (BTW:  #teamanthony ALL DAY LONG right here, baby!)

P.S. I am already planning my shoes for the On the Brink party, coming your way late 2016!

Write on,


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Nicole Aube is named after a chipmunk. She has spent a great deal of her life convincing people she is, indeed, not a Brittany but very much a Nicole. In doing so, she learned quickly how to weave a good tale. When she wasn’t creating stories of her own, she was reading everyone else’s. Today, Nicole lives on the Mississippi Gulf Coast with her husband and two children. She teaches tenth grade language arts to a great bunch of kids and loves to travel as an excuse to inspire her writing (which it really does). If you were to ask what her inspirations are, she would tell you T.S. Eliot’s poem, “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” and Willy Wonka. Yes, Willy Wonka because there’s no life to compare to that of pure imagination.

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