Manuscript Submission

Submission Guidelines

48fourteen is interested in publishing books with a unique story and an unforgettable voice. We want to be moved by words. We want to laugh, cry, be surprised, and root for characters.  If your book checks these boxes, and meets the additional requirements noted below, complete the submissions form.
Query Letter
Your query letter is the key to open the door. Make sure it captures our attention. Tell us about your book, what sets it apart from the rest, and about you. 
Books we devour are listed in the submissions form. We lean towards Young Adult and Contemporary Fiction.  We are NOT interested in publishing any of the following:
  • Graphic violence;
  • Erotica;
  • Violence toward children;
  • Children’s picture books;
  • Illustrated books;
  • Graphic novels;
  • Middle Grade;
  • Poetry; and
  • Memoirs.
Social Media
In order to be successful, social media will be one of the tools used to promote your book. While we do our job to spread the word, authors are also responsible for marketing their published work. We don't expect new authors to have a booming platform, but we do want to know if you are dipping your toes in the water, reaching out to the author community and letting people know about your work.
Before Submitting
Before you complete the form and press that submit button, make sure you are sending us the best version of your manuscript. In addition, in order to be considered, you:
  • must be 18 years of age or older;
  • must be a U.S. citizen; and
  • this manuscript must be unpublished.
Approval Process
We hate sending out rejection letters as much as you hate getting them. We will only respond to manuscripts we're interested in acquiring. However, if you haven't heard from us in 9 weeks, feel free to drop us a line to follow up on the status of your submission.

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