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Hey, y’all!  I need YOUR help.  I want On the Other Side to go viral, and to make it spread, 48fourteen and I are giving away a FREE copy of my 5-star young adult novel in exchange for a quick REVIEW on Goodreads, Amazon, your blog, or all three!

To whet your appetite a bit, here’s what other readers have already said:

  • In a market flooded with dystopian novels aimed at young adults, this world created by Nicole Aube definitely stands out! I am amazed that Aube is able to transform NOLA from the jazzy, beautiful streets I know and love to a dismal, watery graveyard filled with lost memories.
  • I knew from the moment I picked up On The Other Side I would be reading it all weekend, and I wouldn’t stop until I was done. It was absolutely amazing. I honestly felt like I was a character in the book by the way it was described. It was like I was in New Orleans as the characters themselves…
  • Wow!! What a fantastic novel!! It is one of the best reads of the year!!
  • Fantastic read. I’m a sucker for science fiction with a purpose, and this novel is an excellent study of race, adolescence, identity, and sense of place.


And, now, YOU get to join them in telling me what you think!  If you’re ready to join the movement, click here: FREE eBook

Need a little incentive to join my review team?  

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Still not convinced you want to read On the Other Side? Check this out!

Bound to the Flood waters, sixteen-year-old Hilaria McCleod gathers relics from the days when Orleans wasn’t divided in two by the Wall and long before NAP—the Name Acquisition Program—governed her beloved city.

But pieces of a lost past do nothing to satisfy Hilaria’s desire to escape.

Beyond the Wall lies the land of the Named. There, those who have earned their Name and Purpose live in prosperity on coveted dry ground. To earn her place among them, Hilaria makes a deal with an unlikely ally to reveal dark secrets about her own heart and NAP’s true intentions for the future of Orleans. The fate of her city depends on listening to those who cannot be trusted while her own destiny lies in embracing the love of a boy who will drown her yet.

Now is the time—Hilaria will make a Name for herself.

Do you dare to journey to Orleans for yourself?

Hope to see you there!

Nicole Aube



About Nicole Aube

Nicole Aube is named after a chipmunk. She has spent a great deal of her life convincing people she is, indeed, not a Brittany but very much a Nicole. In doing so, she learned quickly how to weave a good tale. When she wasn’t creating stories of her own, she was reading everyone else’s. Today, Nicole lives on the Mississippi Gulf Coast with her husband and two children. She teaches tenth grade language arts to a great bunch of kids and loves to travel as an excuse to inspire her writing (which it really does). If you were to ask what her inspirations are, she would tell you T.S. Eliot’s poem, “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” and Willy Wonka. Yes, Willy Wonka because there’s no life to compare to that of pure imagination.

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