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Question: ACCOUNT: How can I get social?

Get social with 48fourteen! All you have to do is register. Once you are in, create a profile and you are ready to go! It's simple: Click on "Community" on the main menu, followed by "My Profile" on the sub menu, and then "Edit Profile." Enter your information, as much or as little as you want to share, and you are set to get social! You can now view friend authors and readers, view activity, check out pictures in galleries, send messages, and much more! Don't miss out!

Question: ACCOUNT: What can I do with an account?

With an account at www.48fourteen.com, you can leave comments, send messages, chat with authors, view galleries, purchase great reads, review the novels you have enjoyed, and much more!

Question: ACCOUNT: Why do I need an account to post a comment?

We want to make 48fourteen an enjoyable experience for all of our visitors. In order to be spam-free, only persons with accounts on our site have access to post comments. If everyone were allowed to leave a comment, we would be flooded with spammers who leave random comments and post links to inappropriate sites... and no one enjoys that. In short, it’s for security purposes. In two minutes you can have an account and join in on the great reads, conversations, giveaways and fun.

Question: BOOKS: Are there any books available in print?

Yes! 48fourteen now offers all titles in both eBook and print formats!

Question: BOOKS: No eReader? No problem!

Along with an EPUB and MOBI file, all purchases include a PDF (Portable Document File) version free of charge so you can enjoy reading your novel on your computer or mobile device.

Also, most retailers, like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo offer free reading apps that you can easily download.

Question: GALLERY: Where are the gallery images?

To view our awesome gallery, filled with photos uploaded by your favorite authors, you must sign in. 

Question: PAYMENTS: What form of payment is accepted?

In addition to PayPal, we now accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

Question: PROFILE: Why can't I view my profile?

In order to view your profile, edit your profile, change your avatar, send and receive messages, and receives alerts, you must sign in.