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Throwing a The Light Side of the Moon Themed Party

    Now you might ask yourself: why would anyone throw a party with the themes brought up by a dystopian science fiction novel-especially one where people go hungry? To that I say, Why not? After all people go hungry in the universe of a Christmas Carol and people throw parties with Dickens in mind. So why not The Light Side of the Moon? The truth is any novel can be used as a themed event. Watch what the characters eat and the food that is mentioned. Look at methods of communication for your invitations. What traditions are shown during holidays? In The Light Side of the Moon, the reader sees […]

The Light Side of the Moon Recipe: Sean’s Candied Walnut Shortbread

So here is a recipe for bookclubs or TLSotM enthusiasts or anyone who want to share in some cookie joy. I based this off a shortbread recipe that I’ve used many times. I don’t know exactly where it came from. It creates a not-too buttery shortbread as we don’t like greasy cookies or pie crusts in my house. (And yes, I use the shortbread for both cookies and pie crust.) It uses brown sugar but will be good with granulated sugar if that’s what you have on hand. EXCERPT: Cadi eyed her and murmured, “Hmmm…” To Sean she said, “She looks ashore with her breath in her fist.” Ellie was getting used to Sean and Cadi’s […]

The Light Side of the Moon Recipe: Anne Blacksmith’s Beef and Veg Pie

Anne Blacksmith’s Beef and Veg Pie This is the third recipe inspired by The Light Side of the Moon. A meat pie is a hearty main dish. This is a great recipe for any  ground meat you may have. My husband’s favorite is ground pork. I tend to do all the prepwork for meat pie early in the day or even the day before and then bake it prior to serving. Excerpt: [Ian] jumped at the clatter, as Ms. Blacksmith set down a baked beef pie more heavily than usual. “Grace deserved better than her spouse and only-child in quiet dispute.” Scraping the knife over the bottom of the pie plate, she cut the pasty and served Ian […]

The Light Side of the Moon Recipe: Cucumber and Sun-dried Tomato Sandwiches

Here is the second recipe. This is actually from a deleted scene which you can read here, however I wanted to share it so here is goes. CUCUMBER AND SUNDRIED TOMATO “SANDWICHES” 1 large cucumber, chilled 120 grams / 1/2 cup sun-dried tomato spread, chilled 67 grams / 3 tablespoons crumbled chèvre (goat cheese) A few basil leaves Directions Make lines or indentations lengthwise down cucumber at 1/4-inch intervals, using vegetable peeler or tines of fork. Cut cucumber into slices, 1/4 inch each. Place on paper towels to drain. Spread each slice with about spoonfull of tomato spread. Sprinkle each with the cheese. Chiffonade basil and sprinkle it on top and cover with […]

“New York Dolls” Book Club Questions

    New York City could be viewed as a character in the novel. In what ways does “the city that never sleeps” influence Denton’s story?   It’s your first big assignment for Glitter magazine, and at the venue, Amber Donovan stumbles out of a bathroom stall right in front of you. What do you do?   Denton and Josie commiserate about life, love, and all things gossip at Mamie’s. How does the bakeshop impact Denton’s perception of life in the city and the events surrounding the fashion show?   How would you answer MD’s signature question, “Who is you?”   Denton and Chris West enjoy a grilled cheese sandwich […]

The Light Side of the Moon Recipe: Cheese Stuffed Olives

It may sound odd to have a recipes based upon a novel where so many characters are starving, but there is A LOT of food within the book. In fact as an author, I find that meal times show so things about the characters and their culture. And as a person, I admit I enjoy food. This is the first of several recipes inspired by the food of The Light Side of the Moon. I will be putting up a recipe each week ending in a menu plan for a meal or party. Let me know if you use any of them. I’d love to know what you think! Excerpt: The Talliers’ butler […]

Why all the politics in The Light Side of the Moon? Because we can’t escape ourselves.

FYI: this is the answer to an early reader question that I received for my FAQ so this is up at the Other Systems Website too. The Light Side of the Moon deals with serious issues that the world must decide is right or wrong.  I feel as a species, we are on a precipice of change as our electronic creations become sentient. We can choose to evolve our morals with technology or not. I look at The Light Side of the Moon as a cautionary tale if humanity chooses not to evolve. If we continue to allow adolescent greed or anger rule how we interact with people. For an example: let’s look […]

The Light Side of the Moon Book Club Discussion Questions

Book Club Discussion Questions SPOILER ALERT: DO NOT READ QUESTIONS IF YOU WANT SOME OF THE EVENTS IN THE BOOK TO BE A SURPRISE! THESE QUESTIONS ARE TO HELP BOOK CLUBS AND READING GROUPS WITH DISCUSSIONS. How is The Light Side of the Moon atypical of science fiction? Where was the author successful (or not successful) with genre tropes? How does The Light Side of the Moon mix utopian ideas with dystopian ideas? How can it be a dystopian vision if racism and sexism has disappeared? Right now we have public school, do you believe in a future where no public school exists? How do you think that will change a […]

Rose’s Will: Book Club Discussion Questions

      Hello Bookaholics! Just dropping by to remind you to pick up a few copies of Rose’s Will for your book club. The novel has so many interesting and controversial themes, you might have to take two club sessions to discuss them all. Just sayin’. And to pique your interest, here are the book club questions from the back of the book:     BOOK CLUB QUESTIONS: 1. A reviewer noted that any of the three main characters could be the hero. Do you agree? Why or why not? 2. Eli tells us that he loves Rose because he sees a simple goodness inside of her that expresses […]

The Duchess Inheritance: Book Club Discussion Questions

1. The Duchess Inheritance launches into new twists, adventures, and characters from the opening chapters. How did you perceive the pacing of this novel, in comparison to The Duchess Quest? Did you notice any differences or improvements in the writing style or story-telling? 2. How have the revelations about Mac’s character changed the dynamics between him, Jon and Dainy? In what ways did Bos and Mac “swap” roles in Part 1 of this book? Did you find their behavior to be understandable, or out-of-character? 3. Jon Cosmith continues to be a morally complex character, especially as the sequel reveals new – and worse – transgressions from his past. Yet, these […]