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Notes on an Orange Burial

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Preview the first two chapters: NOTES ON AN ORANGE BURIAL by Greg Levin – Excerpt

It’s not surprising that Jona Gold has recently lost his wife and his job, nor that several members of the local medical establishment and police department consider him dangerous. He is, after all, a poet. After getting what looks to be his big publishing break following a freak telemarketing call, everything seems set to turn around for Jona. But when an incident of minor terrorism threatens to take it all away, our fearless poet is compelled to take contractual matters into his own highly incapable hands.

Notes on an Orange Burial is a witty tale of the angst of a writer. Greg Levin, uses hyperbole, clever rhymes, hilarious expository rap, and irony to portray the unquenchable passion of a poet. The main character, Jona, incorporates everything in his life into his burning quest to become published, including marriage, employment, and even the rule of law. Greg Levin creates unforgettable characters as foils in Jona’s unstoppable path to self-imagined literary greatness. The book is reminiscent of Catcher in the Rye and Catch 22 in its slightly off-balance style. A very funny and absorbing read.



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