Top Steamy Kisses

Remember your first kiss? Did the longing for your love make that moment, when your lips first touched, passionately explosive? A kiss can tell you he’s the one. A kiss can make the world fall away. A kiss can make you feel alive. And, because you appreciate book-boyfriends, you get to relive those first kisses endlessly. Here are TEN steamy kisses to linger on…


Hot & Ravenous

Is Hillaria #TeamJob or #TeamAnthony? Really, does it matter? H.O.T.!
Nicole Aube's
On the Other Side
“Though he’s calm, desperation, hot and ravenous, continues to waft from him, and it melts me. I wrap my hands around the curve of his neck and pull his face down to mine. His hands knot in the curls at the nape of my neck, and this time, I choose him. When NAP wanted me to stay away, I kiss him, and nothing stops me.”


The Unexpected Kiss

When desire takes over, there is no stopping…
C.K. Brooke's
The Duchess Quest
Unexpectedly, she grabbed him by the collar and pushed him up against her door, kissing him vehemently, her hands racing down his chest, her body entwined with his, while Cosmith reciprocated with equal enthusiasm. Neither spoke, communicating only with their roaming hands, their intimate embrace, their interlocked lips, until the man could bear it no longer. “I must have you now,” he murmured, proceeding to plant fierce kisses repeatedly down her throat.


Sweet Evil Temptation

Sometimes, bad can be oh, so good…
Angela Hartley's
Copper Reign
Nina tasted his wild spiciness and knew that once would never be enough as a tiny moan escaped her lips. This had been a mistake. But still, Sinclair possessed her mouth, recklessly pushing the limits as he pressed Nina against the wall. Molding his overpowering shape to her liquid form, he demanded a response. Her treacherous body didn’t disappoint him. Suddenly, Nina was carelessly kissing Sinclair back, pursuing an equal reaction.


The Jolt

When the touch of his lips nearly knocks you off balance…
Holly M. Campbell's
Chills tickle my neck and my body softens, melting into him. His tongue slides inside my mouth, just a little, and there’s a jolt of electricity deep inside me. I wrap my arms around his neck so I don’t fall over.


Welcome Distraction

The kiss that can make you forget your impending death…even if just for a moment…
Holly M. Campbell's
…his mouth moves down my neck and then back up to just under my chin. His kisses are firm, almost painful, and such a welcome distraction I can do no more than moan with want and pleasure.


The First Kiss

That moment, when you know you have found the one…
Christina Thompson's
Chemical Attraction
Joe spun Madeline around and the song ended. As he dipped her low, her long brown hair brushed the floor. With his face a few inches from hers, she was panting. Lost in his vibrant green eyes, she lifted her head and kissed him. She barely touched his lips, but the nerve endings in hers sent an electrical shock throughout her body. A wave of heat followed. Her body lit up with awareness as if a bolt of lightning shot out from her toes…


Meant to Be

The first kiss may be good, but the second? (*Sighs*)
Catherine L. Hensley's
New York Dolls
Maybe it was meant to be. Maybe we were just two people who showed up to the right place at the right time. I don’t remember what time he left that night, or the next morning. The second kiss, though, was even sweeter than the first.


Tingling Sensations

The longer you wait, the hotter it gets…
Holly M. Campbell's
Without Curtains
I sighed right before our lips touched, so they were parted when they met his. His other hand—the one that wasn’t at the back of my head—moved to my back, gripping the fabric of my shirt. The hem lifted just a few inches up my back and I could feel his forearm against my skin. An almost painful, yet wonderful tingling sensation swept through me.



Oh, and it gets better…
C.K. Brooke's
The Red Pearl
“In fact,” she hissed, seizing him by the back of the neck, “I’ll prove it to you.” With a tug, she pulled his mouth over hers and latched onto his lips, suckling them as though they were the gods’ ambrosia, and she a ravenous beggar.


The Feather-Light Kiss

The feather-light kisses can be so intense!
Christina Thompson's
Their Rigid Rules
Staring into his smoldering blue eyes, Taylor held her breath. Stuart lowered his lips to hers. The warm feather-light kiss made her want to faint from the intensity. “I’ve wanted to do that for a while,” he whispered, cupping her face. Dazed, she gaped blankly at him…

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