9 Swoon-Worthy Quotes

9 quotes from 48fourteen novels sure to make you swoon…


Nicole Aube's
On the Other Side
At that moment, I knew I was done for. Loving someone is one thing, but feeling it flow, reciprocated, a current alive and buzzing between us, was something new altogether.“You’ll get stronger, and you’ll stand up for weak people, and I’ll be glad. I’ll know I was the first one to tell you to stop being a punk."


C.K. Brooke's
The Red Pearl
“I think I already found my treasure… It’s been with me the whole time. You,Antonia Korelli, are worth more than a boatful of red pearls.” – Robin


Angela Hartley's
Copper Reign
“Well, I’m sorry if shoving half of my body into a freaking freezing reservoir and dragging your skinny ass out wasn’t enough of a declaration for you…” – Nate


Holly M. Campbell's
"He says it as I’m closing the door. It clicks shut and I stand there, not sure I heard correctly. I love you. He said it. He said the “L” word…and I shut the door in his face."


Holly M. Campbell's
Without Curtains
"If I walk away from this—whatever this turns out to be—I’ll regret it the rest of my life."


Lyndsay Johnson's
Fire of the Sea
“I couldn’t have stayed away if I had wanted to. But why would I? You saved me by binding your life to mine. I’m here because of you.” – Gunnar


Catherine L. Hensley's
New York Dolls
“I wasn’t expecting to ever see you again.” “And now I’m here,” he said. “And now you’re here.” “And kissing you.”


C.K. Brooke's
The Duchess Inheritance
“I wake up with you each morning…thinking it impossible to love you any more than I already do… And I go to bed with you every night, proving myself wrong…” – Jon


Christina Thompson's
Chemical Attraction
For the first time in his life, he felt a real connection with a woman. A link around his heart snapped; the chain fell away…

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February 19, 2016

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February 19, 2016

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