10 Turning Point Quotes

That moment in a novel when you know things are about to get real and you feverishly flip through the pages of the book…


E. Ardell's
The Fourth Piece
“You’ll get stronger, and you’ll stand up for weak people, and I’ll be glad. I’ll know I was the first one to tell you to stop being a punk."


Holly M. Campbell's
Without Curtains
“Have you ever considered, Becca, that the Shadow was never a figment of your imagination?"


Catherine L. Hensley's
New York Dolls
Amber needed her Dee-Dee, Josie needed to breathe again, and Chris wanted to hang out with me. My trip to Fashion Week—and likely with it, what I thought was my dream job—had ended, but my night out was just getting started.


Lyndsay Johnson's
Fire of the Sea
My Call swept out in a current of brilliance. It soared out of my body and into his, lighting us both. Shielding wings of warmth enveloped us, carrying us away from danger. I felt the tugging grasp of the cold and claiming tide retreat further and further into the cry of the ocean. I sang and sang, a song to save. In the bright shine of a new beginning, I Called him back to me.


Holly M. Campbell's
Everyone has been praising me for going after Claire and putting my own life in danger to save her, but maybe it was never heroism. Maybe it was simply stupidity. Because Bryce is right—I am being selfish. I am sacrificing this girl’s safety in order to protect my own.


Angela Hartley's
Copper Reign
After her parents passed, she had thought of little else, had yearned for the sweet oblivion only leaving this plane of existence would bring. But now she understood. Ending her life was the coward’s way out. Nina wanted to do more than die for Nate, she wanted to live. Suddenly, the girl plagued with insecurity and held captive by her eccentricity was gone. Standing taller, she accepted her legacy.


C.K. Brooke's
The Duchess Quest
Oh, but he shall fall, the man realized, softly brushing his thumb against her wast as he held her. He already had.


Elizabeth Guizzetti's
Other Systems
Abby was nervous, but refused to believe that she would fail. She wanted to fly through the stars…


Christina Thompson's
Their Rigid Rules
Seeing red marks around her neck, Stuart’s mind raced with murderous scenarios. He was pretty sure Joe would be his accomplice... ...As he begged God to save her, he condemned those bastards to hell…


Nicole Aube's
On the Other Side
Is this all there is to me? A shriveling, tiny girl, overwhelmed, captured in full by her fear? It can’t be. I won’t let it be.

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