Why all the politics in The Light Side of the Moon? Because we can’t escape ourselves.

FYI: this is the answer to an early reader question that I received for my FAQ so this is up at the Other Systems Website too.

The Light Side of the Moon deals with serious issues that the world must decide is right or wrong.  I feel as a species, we are on a precipice of change as our electronic creations become sentient. We can choose to evolve our morals with technology or not. I look at The Light Side of the Moon as a cautionary tale if humanity chooses not to evolve. If we continue to allow adolescent greed or anger rule how we interact with people.

For an example: let’s look at something that has nothing to do with the novel.  As the internet grows and expands, we keep discovering other inventive ways to hurt eachother: trolling, swatting, revenge porn and doxing.

Trolling: purposfully creating strife or confusion within the comments

Swatting: Requesting a local swat team to come out to someone’s house AKA Falsely accusing someone of a heinous crime such as murder

Revenge Porn:  Creating images with someone’s face or using private images to cause someone (generally women) harm.

Doxing: putting out someone’s personal information on the internet in order that they are harassed.

The internet is not the problem. It can further our understanding of humanity and let us connect on a level that we couldn’t dream of fifty years ago. WE ARE THE PROBLEM!

Okay back to The Light Side of the Moon: some of the events that happen in the novel actually occurred when Europe sent prisoners to Australia and the Americas. (For example: women and girls attaching themselves to Correctional Officers for protection.) One might think that these events still don’t occur, but sadly they do.

Some say the adult content in the book is the sex and vulgar language, but in my opinion, the true adult content is that the world in the novel allows children to starve, refuses to pay workers a living wage, and humans still have atrocities such as child betrothal and marriage, economic slavery, and an unjust correctional system. We can go to colonize the moon, we can go to other planets, but until we face the problems we have now, they will always be with us.

That being said, even in the darkest places, there is hope for humanity, because good people exist. In my opinion, that is the story I wrote in The Light Side of the Moon. 

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July 29, 2015

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July 29, 2015

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