Are you a book blogger and/or reviewer? Do you read books like you need a breath of air? Are you a passionate reader that simply MUST read just…one…more…chapter? Do you often get so wrapped up in a novel that you miss out on a nights’ sleep and only realize this because the morning sunlight s burning your tired eyes?

If you have answered “yes” to all of the above questions, 48fourteen would LOVE to partner up with you. We know that your passion for books and your voice is vital to the success of novels. It is because of you that new authors are able to thrive in this very competitive publishing industry, and have the opportunity to share their stories.

So … allow us to feed your addiction! Join #Team48fourteen. Why? In exchange for blogging about our novels and posting reviews on your blog site, our website, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble (whew … too many? So worth it!) You get…

  • 1. ARC’s of our novels, two weeks before their release;
  • 2. to be one of the first to know about release dates;
  • 3. to see covers before they are revealed;
  • 4. FREE bookmarks;
  • 5. special giveaways, just for our team of book bloggers and reviewers;
  • 6. AND 48fourteen swag! Have you checked out the 48fourteen Book Gear Shop? Yup! Once you join #Team48fourteen, and I know you are as passionate about our books and authors as I am, some 48fourteen swag will be heading your way. It’s our way of saying THANK YOU and YOU ROCK!

 NOTE: After reviewing the application, you will receive notification indicating whether or not you have been approved. Sorry, we can’t just let anyone and everyone sign up. You must have a good blog site and followers, a passion for books, and be excited about 48fourteen.

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