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I am a reader, writer, and Mommy to two fun little boys (aged 4 and 6). On the side, I am a science teacher at my day job. I love teaching science and making it hands-on and fun for all students, but my real passion is to come home, have fun with my husband and sons, and then get lost in the amazing world of my writing. I also enjoy the writing of many other talented authors. My favorite genre to read is fantasy, but I also love paranormal romance and urban fantasy. "The Human Cure" is my first full-length published novel, but I have published many articles an short stories. I currently have several projects in the works, including a sequel to "The Human Cure."

When Lightning Strikes

    A lot of my ideas for my stories actually come during small mental breaks in my daily routine. I will be scraping ice off my car window, doing the dishes, or grading science tests and suddenly zone out because I am hit by what will happen next in my newest story. Then comes the hard part…having to wait all day to get home and write it down when I have my hour of free time in the evening. I find that inspiration often comes when I least expect it, in little spits and spurts.

Character Connections

    The problem with finishing up a book is that I often grow very attached to the characters. I miss them! While I am reading a great book, the characters immerse themselves into my life like good friends. Closing a book always has a touch of sadness because I have to say goodbye. This bittersweet connection is magnified to an even greater extent when I finish writing a book. I am almost finished with the sequel to “The Human Cure,” and I am really going to miss my characters when I am done. I will have to begin reading or writing a new book right away! Character love is […]

Book Release!

As I anticipate the release of “The Human Cure” tomorrow, I am reminded of what inspired me to write it in the first place. The notion of battling an addiction in the face of true love comes to mind. Also, the romantic concept of doing anything you can to protect the person you love. Those were two things I was daydreaming about as the vision of this book swirled in my head. Imagine being a vampire with a desperate need to feed, and locked in a room with the one person you would not want to see hurt at any cost… that picture was the driving force behind this story, […]

Back to Work

Going back to work as a teacher is like jumping into a really cold pool… After that initial shock, you kind of get used to it. I teach science to the lower grades and have multible coverages in other peoples’ classes, as the second teacher. This week was only coverages, and I find myself nervous about beginning my own lessons next week. Teaching at the beginning of the year gives me tremendous performance anxiety. Then as the year progresses I grow more confident in my own work and abilities.

Labor Day

As I look forward to the release of my book, I have been turning to dreams, random thoughts, and conversations for writing inspiration. The other day I was brought to tears by the beauty of a story someone told and I thought: Wouldn’t it suck if we couldn’t feel? I have been through bouts of the emotional doldrums, and that thought immediately inspired a short story about an unfeeling world, which I felt moved to write at 2:30 in the morning. Writing at that time comes with a price when you have kids. That kind of sums up my Labor Day weekend. As a teacher I must mentally prepare myself […]