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If I could go back…

    I admit it. I read my own book. Not as a writer, but simply as a reader. I thought it would be weird, at least uncomfortable, but it wasn’t. But it did get me thinking, now that I read it as a reader, what did I think? I’m not going to review my own book, but if I could go back and change something, what would it be? My first response it that I would have my book start with chapter two and make the first chapter the prologue. And the people who were kind enough to leave a review would agree. I would not get rid of […]

Inquiring Minds Want To Know

As a published writer, I have gotten some strange questions. I get the usual “How do you come up with your ideas” and “You look normal, how can you write that stuff?” But there is a question that I get even more frequently. “What did you do before you became a writer?” The truth is, I have had a lot of jobs. For a while in my mid-twenties, I was a bit of a spark plug. I remember my first job when I was eleven, I worked on an exotic bird ranch for an hour or two after school. I got a couple bucks a day, but mostly I wanted […]

I Write; Even When I Am Wrong

I am putting in time at the keyboard on a short story, and I realize how grateful I am to have word processing. Usually, the first key to go out on my is the backspace. I know I would not be productive with a typewriter, without a computer, I would be back to the pencil and erasers. If it were not for Microsoft Word telling me how to spell things correctly, I would be lost. As my caffeine boosted fingers fly across the keyboard, it is normal for me to see a word or two underlined in red, Here are a few examples: aslo (also), wieght, adn (and), beginninng, vaccuum, […]

To Trilogy, Or Not To Trilogy?

It seems that is no longer the question, it is the current cultural staple. I believe it is a statement from the readers that they do not want their favorite stories to end. There can be no more endings like in The Lady or the Tiger. I can think of more examples of endings that make the reader think about what happened, but those examples left me disappointed. Until recently, Star Wars was like that for me. Now, I will find out what happens over five more episodes. And for those of you who think I am on that side of the fence, I am also anticipating the new Star […]


That’s right, doom. I have been sick all week, it started with the sniffles and now it has turned into something worthy of medication. I am told it is an upper respiratory infection, which always reminds me of The Stand by Stephen King. It seems whenever I read that book I get sick. Maybe it’s just me, but if this has happened to you, leave a reply. But, back to the doom. It seems that my girlfriend may be a carrier of said doom. I submit she had “allergies” for two days and then was back to normal. I am going on a week and a half, missed two days […]

Why Reply All?

That’s right, this week I joined a club. It is not exclusive, you can join for free at anytime, all you have to do is hit reply all instead of just reply. Since then, I have been looking at the reply all buttons and how sneaky they are getting. The icons on my phone has one arrow for reply, and reply all is two arrows. The tiny space that separates these two buttons are even smaller on my phone. The problem is I was responding to my brother telling him I got us basketball tickets. Somehow my fat thumb invited everyone in my contacts to the last home game before […]

Making Time

It seems to me that I am making time for writing. It is not always easy, but when I look back at when I started writing, I was able to make much more time than I do today. Maybe it’s just natural when you get older, you get busier. Would I change it? I don’t think so. I feel I have done a pretty good job at making time to build my writing life into what it is. I have taken breaks from writing, and it just felt wrong. Just like jogging, when you do it long enough and quit, you find yourself up early with nothing to do. Me, […]


Behold, the most unimaginative title! And yet there it is. I could not think of a good title, so I put the word Blog! in the title hoping to change it when I figured out a good topic. Now that I see it, I like it, so what do you say we go with it? Lately, I have not been blogging as often as promised. I have been working hard on a long short story, and when I get into a good story, it is hard for me to think about anything else. I fixate on it like a hungry mule chases a dangling carrot on a string. During the […]

Lost In Books

Everyone here has a personal love for books, or more specifically, for getting lost in books. We all have our weakness, and mine is an old first edition. I bought a box full of very old books in early February, and I have been lost in books ever since. I have been re-reading some old classics, many of these I read as a teen, such as Old Yeller and Don Quixote, and now that I am a writer, I appreciate them even more. Not only do they take me back to my childhood, they take me back to their childhoods as well. I just read Tom Sawyer again, and I […]

Sofia Essen Interviews R.L. King!

That just happened. I really did get interviewed by our own 48fourteen author Sofia! She is alumni to us rookies here, and when she asked me to do an interview, I knew it was going to be a good one. Of course I brought some answers that are way off the beaten path, and I dropped a few big names too. In case it ever comes up on a game show, my answers were; Beavis, John Wayne, and Elvis. I always enjoy the questions one writer asks another, it is usually more craft based subjects. I discuss my last resort efforts as to how I deal with writers block (aka […]