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Once upon a time, Mark Tucker left a comfortable and rewarding job in a Seattle corporate law office to move to a remote beach town and pursue his creative dreams. A quaint house in the rain forest and the stunning seascapes of Brookings, Oregon provided fertile inspiration for The Beyond Trilogy, his supernatural thriller series published by 48fourteen.

The Last Chapter

It feels great to be working on Beyond All Else, the final book in the Beyond Trilogy. It’s a bit daunting to realize that the effectiveness of this book will largely determine what readers think of the overall series, but that’s a good problem to have. 🙂

Where Did This Come From? (Why I chose The Just Beyond over other story ideas)

When I sat down in 2012 and began drafting The Just Beyond, it was the book I felt ready to write. I knew, though, that it was a risky choice. For one thing, any time you express a perspective that touches on religion, you are going to draw some angry fire. If you openly question or contradict somebody’s formal doctrine, it’s going to be worse. If you construct a framework that clearly extends beyond liturgical canon, and does so in specific, intimate detail, well … keep your head down. 🙂 But the risk didn’t stop there. I knew this was going to be a trilogy, and I knew some people […]

A Peek At The Sequel

I’ve been working on The Far Beyond, the second book of a trilogy, since shortly after finding a home for its predecessor The Just Beyond with 48fourteen. I set it aside for a while during the first book’s editing, but with The Just Beyond’s release a couple of weeks ago and the flood of positive reader feedback, the new book is back on the front burner with the flame on high. The Far Beyond continues the story of Michael Chandler, this time following his journey into the dark reaches of the Afterlife in search of his lost brother Max. I’ve got it scoped out chapter by chapter, and much of […]

The Journey Begins

With an announced release date of December 9 for The Just Beyond, it’s time to give readers a solid taste of what this book has to offer. Here’s how it kicks off. ——————————————————- THE JUST BEYOND by Mark Tucker Prologue Spring IF A WATCHED POT NEVER boils, then love is much, much worse. Everybody knows that if you watch a cooking pot long enough, it will, in fact, eventually boil. But it is quite possible to exhaust an entire lifetime looking for love and never find it. If you’re holding out for true love – the kind children dream about, that teenagers think they see everywhere, and that couples who […]

It Was The Last Normal Day Of His Life

The statement above doesn’t refer to me. The gist of it appears in the first sentence of Chapter 1 in my new metaphysical fantasy novel, The Just Beyond. Its appearance there exemplifies my philosophy of writing. My first year at the University of Washington, where I majored in Communications, I took a required English course. On the first day of class, the professor read aloud a beautiful-sounding descriptive scene. When he finished, he asked for a show of hands by students who felt it was excellent writing. Almost everyone signaled that they did. Then he executed his counterpunch. The paragraph he had read was written by Mark Twain as a […]