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Curing Writers Block or maybe just sharing some pictures: you decide.

People who have followed my work over the years know I am a slow writer. Since I do the convention circuit, teach, and travel, I can only do one major project a year and I flip between writing science fiction novels and comics so for some fans they have to wait even longer for my next book in the Other Systems Universe, or my next horror comic or whatever it is they like. More to the point, my first drafts suck. No one should read them. But whatever my project, this time of year I always seem to get overwhelmed. The non-creative work butts up against the creative side as I’m trying […]

Attending a convention in seven easy to follow tips

The most common question I get from  authors and fans alike is: so what’s a convention like anyway? Your convention experience depends on what you do and enjoy. There’s always differences due to size, regional laws, convention’s focus, and like/dislikes of the organizers. Everyone does things a little differently, so I wrote these tips for anyone thinking about going to a convention. Many conventions will have: Art show, Artist Alley, or Artist Demo Exhibit Hall/Dealer’s Room Panels, Workshops, Readings, and other programming Hospitality suite (A place to relax often with snacks 🙂 ) Cosplay and Costuming Gaming Music: Sometimes known as Filk Media Guests: Actors and Directors Visiting Pros of the convention’s focus […]

Part 3: How to be an awesome Panelist that conventions invite year after year!

So here is the third part of my series for authors who want to do conventions. Part 1 was all about the mental prep. Part 2 is about Physical Prep/Packing for a Weekend Convention. This part is about being a Panelist/Guest of the Convention/Visiting Pro or whatever the conventions call you. Here are my top ten rules for being a good panelist. I will admit these all boil down to: Be Respectful! Be on time to your panels. Read the panel description and prepare some basic on-topic comments. If you are the moderator, MODERATE. That means make sure everyone has a chance to speak. If someone is quiet, bring them back into […]

Conventions Part 2: Dealer/Exhibitor Necessities

As I said last week, I started a series on working a conventions. I hope these are helpful for my author pals and aspiring authors.  Part 1 was all about the mental prep. Part 2 is about Physical Prep/Packing for a Weekend Convention Inventory: I pack specifically for the convention. If it is a science fiction convention, I might grab a few more Other Systems. If it’s a comic con I’ll grab more artwork. I also always consider attendance. Finally: I set aside one book to get beat up for the season. Otherwise too many books get beat up. On the comics, I actually mark it “Display” with the novels, its easy just to stick […]

Conventions Part 1: Mental Prep and Booth Etiquette

I’ve had a request for my links on these posts I wrote back in 2012, but when reading them, I decided  to do an updated version series. I do A LOT of conventions–anywhere from 12 – 20 a year. I’ve done large cons such as WorldCon, Comic Con International, ECCC, On the smaller side, I’ve done Jet City Comic Show and Rusty Con. Over the course of the next few weeks, I’ll talk about running a booth, being on/moderating panels and other topics that I hope folks find useful. Part 1 will go over mental preparation of being a Dealer/Exhibitor. Next week, I will write out how to pack for as a Dealer/Exhibitor. Part […]

Throwing a The Light Side of the Moon Themed Party

    Now you might ask yourself: why would anyone throw a party with the themes brought up by a dystopian science fiction novel-especially one where people go hungry? To that I say, Why not? After all people go hungry in the universe of a Christmas Carol and people throw parties with Dickens in mind. So why not The Light Side of the Moon? The truth is any novel can be used as a themed event. Watch what the characters eat and the food that is mentioned. Look at methods of communication for your invitations. What traditions are shown during holidays? In The Light Side of the Moon, the reader sees […]

The Light Side of the Moon Recipe: Sean’s Candied Walnut Shortbread

So here is a recipe for bookclubs or TLSotM enthusiasts or anyone who want to share in some cookie joy. I based this off a shortbread recipe that I’ve used many times. I don’t know exactly where it came from. It creates a not-too buttery shortbread as we don’t like greasy cookies or pie crusts in my house. (And yes, I use the shortbread for both cookies and pie crust.) It uses brown sugar but will be good with granulated sugar if that’s what you have on hand. EXCERPT: Cadi eyed her and murmured, “Hmmm…” To Sean she said, “She looks ashore with her breath in her fist.” Ellie was getting used to Sean and Cadi’s […]

Sasquan/WorldCon Wrap-up

    So I have returned from five days of crazy caffine-fueled fun, but hard work at Sasquan aka 2015 Worldcon, an annual gathering of horror, science fiction, and fantasy fans. Hundreds of fans, authors, publishers, artists, scientists, and other creators and intellectual leaders attend. The convention featured a dealer’s room and artist alley. educational panels, author readings, autograph sessions, kaffeeklatsches, literary beers, and discussion groups, as well as workshops about writing, art, cosplaying, filk and other music, games  fanzines, children’s programming, and my personal favorite: THE INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL. They show blocks of independent/crowdfunded films. (While some are better than others, I love watching them to see what everyone does.) Worldcons is also the site of the […]