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C.K. Brooke is a stay-at-home mom and author in Washington, Michigan. She writes fantasy/romance novels for 48fourteen. When not blissfully buried in her books and manuscripts, she enjoys singing, playing the piano, science podcasts and long walks with the stroller. Visit her at

10 Reasons to Read The Duchess’s Descendants

The Duchess’s Descendants is officially here on Friday, June 23! Need an excuse to pick up this romantic fantasy full of humor and adventure? We’ve got you covered. Here are 10 reasons to read the latest installment in the Jordinia series:   1. If you loved The Duchess Quest and The Duchess Inheritance, there’s now even more to love! 2. Even if you’ve never read the first two books, this book works as a standalone, too. 3. Because shipwrecks, woman scientists, charming rogues, stuttering violinists, hot soldiers, and native tribes, that’s why! 4. Like brotherly bromance? There’s lots of it here. 5. Love traditional romance? There’s lots of that, too. 6. Twists […]

The Duchess has descendants, and they’re coming…

It’s been officially announced: The Duchess’s Descendants (Jordinia: Book 3) is coming to 48fourteen! This book was a long time in the making. Sort of. After I’d finished writing my original Jordinia duology (The Duchess Quest and The Duchess Inheritance) in early 2014, a name in the epilogue of Book Two stuck with me. Johanna. (Pronounced “Jo-HAW-nah”.) She had a character and a story; I just had to find it. I began writing and came up with a novella told from her perspective. That summer, I submitted the novella to 48fourteen. And despite the fact that the email opened up with: “Dear Caity, (Please note, this is not a rejection letter)…”  Well, it was. 😀 By […]

Rust City Book Con 2016

The weekend before last, I attended my first-ever author convention. The first annual Rust City Book Con took place in metropolitan Troy, Michigan. I met some fantastic authors (a good blend of indie, traditional, self-published, and hybrid), spoke on a couple of panels, and am already looking forward to 2017. To my fellow authors, bloggers, readers and book lovers in and around Michigan, I hope you’ll join us next year!

Did You Accidentally Write Yourself Into a Book?

I was genuinely shocked when my best friend texted me that she was simply envisioning me in a black wig for the character of Dainy while reading The Duchess Quest. “How am I anything like Dainy?” I demanded at the phone. My sister, wading into the pool with me, insisted, “You’re exactly like Dainy! Innocent, sweet, and curvy too.” Curvy, I’ll give her. By the time I wrote my debut novel, I was so sick and tired of reading about skinny heroines, I knew I had to break the mold and make my MC on the shapely side. But I’d thought that was where it ended. I don’t have black hair or green eyes. I’m […]

AXED: What Got Cut from the Jordinia Novels

The Books of Jordinia were the first novels I wrote to completion. As a new writer back in 2013, my greatest struggles were wordiness, and learning how to leave out all but the crucial details. As I’ve stated in numerous YouTube interviews and blog posts, two to three books’ length in words and chapters were deleted from the original novels, which are now published as a duology. Today, I’m sharing with you 10 axed characters and plotlines – 5 from each book! The Duchess Quest (Jordinia: Book 1) 1. Golbain Golbain was one of the characters I had to remove from The Duchess Quest, for brevity. He was originally the messenger […]

4 Fun Factoids: The Wrong Prince

Since The Wrong Prince is my fourth 48fourteen novel, I wanted to share four fun factoids today, on May the 4th! 1. The idea for this book originally held the working title Witches of Tybiria. It was going to be about three women accused of witchcraft, who must use their ambiguous powers to murder a new king and rescue the old one. I have no idea how it eventually morphed into the story it is now, but I’m glad it did! 2. I was watching Antiques Roadshow at my mom’s when I first heard the name Geo. It was the name of an artist’s son, short for “George”. I instantly loved it and used it for the main […]

Deleted Scene: The Duchess Quest

When my debut novel, The Duchess Quest, was first completed, it clocked in at approximately 175,000 words. (In non-writer speak, that’s almost the length of 3 books.) In order to be publishable, months of editing – longer than it took to write the initial manuscript, in fact! – were required to whittle it down to about 90K. Countless chapters, even entire characters, were eliminated, most of which I no longer have. But one deleted scene almost made the final cut, until I decided to remove it for pacing. It’s short and subtle, but a favorite interaction of mine between Bos and Dainy. Sometimes I search for it, forgetting it’s not in the actual book. Published […]

Let’s Talk About SEX

      “Gods, Annie,” he gasped, as she dug her fingers through his hair, soaking his neck with repeated kisses. “You look so damn ravishing in these trousers.” “Perhaps,” she moaned, writhing against him, “you can determine whether I look better out of them.” His pulse lolloped. “Are you serious?” She tugged on his collar, bringing his nose to hers. “I seriously want you.” -The Red Pearl by C.K. Brooke, Chapter 31 Let’s talk about sex, baby… Seriously, though. Sex in books. It’s IT right now. Fifty Shades launched the billionaire BDSM fantasies of a million moms, and now erotic romance has moved from that sketchy section in the bookstore […]

What’s a Red Pearl? And 9 Other Things to Know About C.K. Brooke’s Next Adventure

  The Red Pearl is finally here! What’s the least you need to know? Let me fill you in… 1. In a nutshell, what’s the story-line? Girl meets man, girl saves man’s life, man is…FURIOUS with her? The Red Pearl is an old-fashioned, action-packed love story about Antonia, a priestess-in-training who flees her temple only to get tangled up with Robin, a fiery adventurer on a harebrained treasure hunt. 2. Where does it take place? Rob and Annie live in a fantasy land called Innía, on the continent of Otlantica. Readers of my Jordinia novels (The Duchess Quest & The Duchess Inheritance) might recognize a few references, pegging this story in the same universe as […]

The Duchess Inheritance: Book Club Discussion Questions

1. The Duchess Inheritance launches into new twists, adventures, and characters from the opening chapters. How did you perceive the pacing of this novel, in comparison to The Duchess Quest? Did you notice any differences or improvements in the writing style or story-telling? 2. How have the revelations about Mac’s character changed the dynamics between him, Jon and Dainy? In what ways did Bos and Mac “swap” roles in Part 1 of this book? Did you find their behavior to be understandable, or out-of-character? 3. Jon Cosmith continues to be a morally complex character, especially as the sequel reveals new – and worse – transgressions from his past. Yet, these […]