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Some writers say they put bits of themselves into their stories. I, too, have incorporated parts of my life in my writing. I call it — Therapy. These are a few of my bits and pieces that sparked my series. (You may sense a Back in My Day theme as you read them.) DID YOU KNOW I spoke with an Afghan war veteran about his experiences? He helped bring authenticity to Stuart’s PTSD flashback scene. I’ve known my son’s friend since they were in middle school together. He’s grown into a caring responsible young man. Caleb, thank you for your service. I’m proud of you. DID YOU KNOW I modeled […]

Meet Matthew Connor from The Chemical Attraction Series

I’ve had the privilege of getting to know the people in The Chemical Attraction Series. Eva O’Sullivan, Taylor Valentine, and Joe Roberts are siblings by choice. They’ve told me their story, and I wrote about their amazing journey. These interviews take place just after their adventure in Chemical Reaction. [trivial spoilers/no plot spoilers] Ruggedly handsome with a calm demeanor, Officer Matthew Connor had pushed any romantic life aside to focus on raising his eight-year-old son, David. Then, he meets Eva O’Sullivan in Their Rigid Rules. In The Kindred Code, he watches Eva take his hometown by storm. As the police chief, he steps up during Joe’s case in Chemical Attraction […]

Ten Reasons to Read/Reread The Chemical Attraction Series

Here are my TEN REASONS why you should read/reread The Chemical Attraction Series: #10 – The Re-release of the Series One of the reasons for the second edition release is to put the Series in chronological order. The newest novel, The Kindred Code, is the sequel to Their Rigid Rules. (Saying the sequel to the prequel was a mouthful.) With the order change, I was able to add more scenes to Chemical Attraction and Chemical Reaction for a smoother transition. I love the result and think you will, too #9 – A New Addition The Kindred Code is divided into three storylines: Matt & Eva’s budding romance, Peter & Joe’s […]

Chemical Attraction: New Cover & New Content

Here’s a sneak peek into some of the new content: With his FBI badge hanging off a chain around his neck, Joe Roberts, in jeans and a t-shirt, set a file and large coffee on the counter in the FBI reception area in the McNamara Federal Building in downtown Detroit. He patiently waited for Jane Whitmore, the young doe-eyed woman behind the counter, to hang up her phone. On the early Saturday morning, he glanced around the empty area. Offices surrounded the perimeter of the floor with the hallways connecting as a square. Eight large rooms in the middle were used for meetings, evidence, and work areas. Joe liked the […]

10 Reasons to Read The Duchess’s Descendants

The Duchess’s Descendants is officially here on Friday, June 23! Need an excuse to pick up this romantic fantasy full of humor and adventure? We’ve got you covered. Here are 10 reasons to read the latest installment in the Jordinia series:   1. If you loved The Duchess Quest and The Duchess Inheritance, there’s now even more to love! 2. Even if you’ve never read the first two books, this book works as a standalone, too. 3. Because shipwrecks, woman scientists, charming rogues, stuttering violinists, hot soldiers, and native tribes, that’s why! 4. Like brotherly bromance? There’s lots of it here. 5. Love traditional romance? There’s lots of that, too. 6. Twists […]

Things that are scary, Part II: Another Character Journal Entry

Did Devon know my intentions before he wrote this? Nope. He wouldn’t have agreed. I told him that even I wouldn’t read this. He thought no one would see it. I’m good at being sneaky, and I’ll deny having anything to do with the leak…if it gets back to him. However, I don’t know how good you are, so you might choose to play it safe and not read this. Though, if you’re like me, you’re nosy. Take a peek, but try not to hint around to him that you know he keeps a journal. It’d ruin his manly image and all. 😉   Devon Ladreth’s Journal September 7, 2022 […]

Things that are scary… forcing my characters to write journal entries, lol.

Want a peek inside the heads of some of the characters from The Fourth Piece? Yikes! Why? Lol, just kidding. I have a series of journal entries to share. These entries were written by the characters close to the end of The Fourth Piece. I won’t tell the circumstances, no spoilers here ;D…but, if you’re brave, dive in!   From the Journal of Lyle Ladreth September 7, 2022 I’m writing because the doctor says I have to. He didn’t say I have to be profound, though. He said write whatever comes to mind. I’m not a writer. I draw. But I’m not an artist. I don’t think I am. A […]

When the Characters Speak, You Listen

So………….y’all! I literally haven’t had a whole lot of time to update the blog here on the ole websitey-witey.  Believe me, I’ve been writing like crazy–2 new novels and a hand full of short stories in the past 8 months.  To fill you in, On the Brink, the second book of the Orleans Exodus, is now in the editing phase with 48fourteen! I can’t wait for y’all to read this book.  It’s been such a labor of love in writing the next part of Hilaria, Anthony, and Job’s journey. They are so much a part of me that letting them go for awhile hurts, and I mean that quite literally.  But one of the […]

How do you write

I was asked a question today that I had a hard time answering. They wanted to know how I write. My first response was, well, with a pen and paper, but I knew that wasn’t what they meant. How do I write? Well, while I’m writing I kind of let the scenes play out in my mind like a movie. I see my characters actions and imagine their responses. I picture their movements, and their facial expressions and try to include as much as I can without dragging it out. Then they asked, how do you know when to start a new chapter. again, I picture it as a TV […]

The Duchess has descendants, and they’re coming…

It’s been officially announced: The Duchess’s Descendants (Jordinia: Book 3) is coming to 48fourteen! This book was a long time in the making. Sort of. After I’d finished writing my original Jordinia duology (The Duchess Quest and The Duchess Inheritance) in early 2014, a name in the epilogue of Book Two stuck with me. Johanna. (Pronounced “Jo-HAW-nah”.) She had a character and a story; I just had to find it. I began writing and came up with a novella told from her perspective. That summer, I submitted the novella to 48fourteen. And despite the fact that the email opened up with: “Dear Caity, (Please note, this is not a rejection letter)…”  Well, it was. 😀 By […]

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