Without Curtains Cover Reveal!


  Here it is! The beautiful cover for my upcoming novel, Without Curtains. What do you think?Without Curtains Final 6




Against her better judgment, eighteen-year-old Rebecca Douglas returns home to Clayton Creek. To the house where her mother was murdered. Where the Shadow—a monster with gleaming red eyes—haunted her dreams every night. All for the funeral of a man she stopped calling “Dad” a long time ago.

To Rebecca’s surprise, her father left her a box of “personal items.” At first glance, it’s filled with old journals, family photos, and a dozen letters addressed to her that her father never sent. But things aren’t always what they seem. Rebecca has just inherited a few family secrets…and one murder mystery.

As Rebecca seeks answers, she confides in an old friend—the handsome, complicated, unattainable, and…handsome Troy Adams. As the two grow closer to uncovering the truth, they also grow closer to one another, making the trip to Clayton Creek almost worth it. Almost…

The Shadow has been waiting for Rebecca’s return. And he’s haunting more than her dreams.

NOTE: This book is not the sequel to Foreshadowed.

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March 19, 2015

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  1. It’s perfectly stunning – congratulations, Holly!! (And great work, Lyndsay!) Can’t wait to read.


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