Who Me? Interviewed?

The truth is I’m an attention whore. Positive, negative, it makes no difference. I’ll do anything for a laugh, or even better, for that horrified look that normal people get when I do or say the ridiculous things that they would never in a million years embarrass themselves with.

So you could imagine the extra dose of adrenaline I got when it occurred to me that being a published author with mounting five-star reviews might get me an interview and my picture in a magazine!

Yes! First ECHO, then Ellen…damn! I’m too late for Oprah. Oh well, Rose’s Will might be a little tooedgy for her anyway. Maybe 60 Minutes. Yeah, that’s it. They like controversial topics that the Tomorrow’s News From This Morning’s Today Show can’t handle.

In a moment of lucidity, though, I decided that I might need a little more practice before I talked to Leslie Stahl, so I surfed around to a few sites that offered author interviews, “Hey there, do you want me to talk about my new book – yeah, Rose’s Will, the one where I throw a blue-collar family man, a Bulgarian Holocaust survivor and a lesbian atheist together and make them deal with an awful Italian woman from Brooklyn? Oh, you do? Great!”

Here’s one on fellow author Lori Moore’s site and another on Super-E-Books.com

Thanks you guys! You’re the best! I’m also available for book signings, book club discussions, or your mother’s house (if she makes good lasagne).

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February 10, 2012

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February 10, 2012

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