When Lightning Strikes



A lot of my ideas for my stories actually come during small mental breaks in my daily routine. I will be scraping ice off my car window, doing the dishes, or grading science tests and suddenly zone out because I am hit by what will happen next in my newest story. Then comes the hard part…having to wait all day to get home and write it down when I have my hour of free time in the evening. I find that inspiration often comes when I least expect it, in little spits and spurts.

Writing from life

February 28, 2015

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February 28, 2015

3 Thoughts on When Lightning Strikes

  1. Does it happen to you in the shower? (It ALWAYS happens to me in the shower. LOL!)

    • LOL. The shower is a great place to think, but I also love to zone out and think when I’m super bored, like at a work conference that I’m not into. Boredom can be inspirational!

  2. For some reason, lightning seems to strike me as I am trying to fall asleep. Then I have to try and talk myself out of not getting up and at least writing part of it down, but I jot down a little something for the next day. Also, ideas seem to come to me at my local pizza buffet, never the shower.


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