What’s The Breakout All About?

Writing this novel has been quite a journey. A lot of people ask me, “So what’s your book about?” So glad you asked.

Teenager Trina Hauk isn’t good at following the rules, despite her elite genetic designation. She’s never really fit in, kind of a loner really who has a major crush on Kalen. Raised by the government, Trina has never had a choice in occupation, social standing, or even love. Until Kalen is arrested for helping her cover up her latest mistake.

Now, the only way to save him is to seek help from an unlikely ally—a mysterious teenager with special powers named Jarek—who is scheduled for termination. Jarek knows the prison location, but won’t tell unless Trina breaks him out of his cell. Becoming a fugitive is not exactly what she had in mind. And then there’s the part where she denies her growing attraction to Jarek. Pulled between the pre-determined life she’s always had and her forbidden love, Trina must choose…before it’s too late.

Over the years, I’ve grown close to the main characters, even laughed and cried with them. I’m so thrilled to be able to finally share their story with you and hope you enjoy it! Here are a few words from them to let you get to know them better.

Meet Trina

I’ve always been obsessed with genetics. How genes seem to fit together like pieces of the world’s tiniest puzzle. If one is switched, you get an entirely different sequence, which means an entirely different personality trait or physical characteristic. Each gene is so small, invisible to the naked eye, yet it determines the course of your life.

Your destiny.

I always thought I was the kind of person to make the perfect choices and never make a mistake.

As I heard the prison alarm blare, I realized I was wrong.

Meet Kalen

The day I met Trina, my life changed. I thought I knew who I was, but for the first time, I found myself questioning everything I’d ever believed.

Knowing what I know now, I find myself asking a question I never thought I was capable of. If I could go back and change things, would I risk everything all over again?

And every time I ask, the answer is yes.

Meet Jarek

Some secrets are worth dying for.

That’s how I’ve survived this long. On the run, taking what I need, and never getting caught. Until I made the mistake of breaking into the Zone. But somehow, that led me to Trina.

The way she looked at me that night under the stars, it took everything inside me not to take her in my arms and tell her the truth about who I am. I’ve never wanted to tell anyone so bad.

But if I did, it wasn’t myself I was worried would pay the price.

Rachelle Harp is writer with a serious coffee addition and love of science fiction. Her short fiction can be found in Galaxy’s Edge Magazine, Perihelion, and StarShipSofa. She shares more about her writing at rachelleharp.com.

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