Westercon Round Up

This was an odd weekend. Never before had I gone to a convention as an “author” only as a comic book artist and being an author with access to a green room and free food is in two words: freaking fantastic. I did not table this Westercon, I was on panels and did the artshow.

Here we go.
Thursday: I attended to a panel on Mining on the Moon and learned about what resources were thought to be on the moon. Then in the next room for my first panel with Alma Alexander, Anna Sheehan, Corry L. Lee, and Stephanie Weippert which was Whining vs. Angst: Fine Lines in Characterization We discussed how we go about writing characters.
Afterwards I had a nice time speaking to Stephanie Weippert and her husband for a few moments before I went to set up for the artshow.

Introducing Your World which was about World building where we discussed the perils of info dumps. Also on the panel was Brenda Cooper, Elton Elliott Rhiannon Held, and Stephanie Weippert
then I had Dark Reflections with M Todd Gallowglas Mike Shepherd Moscoe Richard A. Lovett Ted Butler which was all about writing villains. This was my favorite of all my panels. I felt like I had the most opinions here.
Then I taught a Drawing comics class about Monsters. I thought I was teaching kids, but I ended up teaching adults. So that wasn’t as I had planned at all. Kids have no problem telling a group story, but the adults were definitely quieter.
Finally I ended the day at From First Word to Finished Work
A panel for writers, from beginners to more experienced authors; we focus on the writing process, the importance of editing, and the creation of a final product. Erin Tidwell Gregory A. Wilson James C. Glass Mike Shepherd Moscoe

So You Want to do Indy Comics? Along with Steven Cox who is running a new gaming company iMage, I thought I was speaking about the ins and outs of running a webcomic, a small press or independent comic book publications company, but in fact the people who came just wanted to now how to get published.
My reading went fabulous. Richard A. Lovett seeing I was so nervous offered to attend. I admit I totally botched the introduction, but I felt I read well. I know I sold one book at least as a young man came up to me and told me he bought it. Richard suggested I go watch David Brin in order to see a master at work and he was right, I learned a lot watching David Brin.
Finally I had my autograph session which was fairly funny because I sat right next to Robin Hobb‘s huge line all the while I had four people. I didn’t feel bad about this, in fact I learned a lot watching her too.
I also learned quite a bit from listening to authors in the Green Room. Basically everyone I met was wonderful and down to Earth and willing to share their knowledge with a debut author. Especially since I am obviously anxious speaker.

Sunday, I went to another few panels–Archery for Authors and Artists and Urban Science–as well as David Brin’s autograph session. Then I picked up my artwork, stopped at Popeye’s chicken and headed home. Westercon was a wonderful experience.

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