Welcome to 48fourteen!

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Welcome to the new 48fourteen!

When we launched 48fourteen during the summer of 2011, one of our many goals, in addition to having an incredible selection of novels, was to have an awesome social community of authors and readers. With the launch of this new website, we are doing just that – we are getting social! Books and reading has never been this much fun!

THANK YOU for being such a huge part of 48fourteen!

Stick around, sign up for our newsletter, check out our events, author blogs, chat it up with authors and other readers, check out our current giveaways, have fun, and get social!

This is a quick guide to our social community. Join us!

Author Profile:
You can access the authors page by clicking “Author” on the menu bar. To view the author’s profile page, click on the author’s name.

Community Directory:
Click on “Community” in the main menu to view the directory of 48fourteen authors and readers. Here you can select profiles to view, request friendships, etc.

Your Profile:
Here is where you get to gush about yourself. Tell us a little something about you!

On this page you will be able to do several things.

Click on the “Get Social” tab to post messages. You can select who you want to view your messages: Authors, All Friends, Select Friends.

Click on the “All Activity” tab to see all posts. You can leave a comment, and even like or dislike posts. This is where you get social!

Click on “My Friends” to view all of your current friends.

The “Friendships” tab allows you to view recently active users.

Edit Profile:
To edit your profile, on the main menu, click on “Community” –> “Profile” –> “Edit Profile”.

Change Avatar:
To change your profile image, click on “Community”–> “Profile”–> “Change Avatar”.

To view alerts of activity: “Community” –> “My Profile”–> “Alerts”.

Have fun!

If you need help, e-mail support(at)48fourteen(dot)com.

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February 23, 2015


February 23, 2015

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