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Now you might ask yourself: why would anyone throw a party with the themes brought up by a dystopian science fiction novel-especially one where people go hungry? To that I say, Why not? After all people go hungry in the universe of a Christmas Carol and people throw parties with Dickens in mind. So why not The Light Side of the Moon?

The desserts

The truth is any novel can be used as a themed event. Watch what the characters eat and the food that is mentioned. Look at methods of communication for your invitations. What traditions are shown during holidays? In The Light Side of the Moon, the reader sees two holiday celebrations one is Easter and the other is the French version of April Fools.

In this blog, I’m going to focus on the “April Fools” celebration shown in the book.

“Celebrating April Fool’s a month early had been a good idea. It kept the children busy and brought happiness to a day that might have been filled with tears. For that Theodore was grateful. He would need those memories to tide him over. ”

Excerpt From: “The Light Side of the Moon.” iBooks.

If this event needs invitations, an e-vite would be the most appropriate because we don’t have society-wide holographic projectors yet and paper is used only for important documents, but if paper Invitations are your thing, consider making them fish shaped out of colored paper. (Especially if you want to throw said party on March 1st!)



In the novel many drinks are mentioned.

  • Raspberry Armagnac liquor (juice for the two youngest Kessler Boys)
  • Red WineIMG_0633
  • Lemoncello
  • and Tea with Milk

Starters / Hors’ D’oeuvre Interesting to note: the word Hors’ D’oeuvre is a French word with originally meant outside the main course.

Olives stuffed with cheese almonds

Entree Courses:

There are so many options when it comes to the entree courses in The Light Side of the Moon.

Mixed Vegetable Salad and Biscuits (American)

Rice and Beans (American)

Daniel Sethson’s Stewed Rabbit and Carrots

Anne Blacksmith’s Beef and Veg Pie (English)

Baked Ham with the all the trimmings (French)

Pork Chops with English Gravy and veg

Steaks with English Gravy and veg


When I set up my dessert table, I set out nuts because I had them and I often will set out extra snacks to fill up the party.

Chocolate Cookies because In the novel, almost every holiday there was mention of sweets especially chocolate and Ellie often got sweets as rewards.

Sean’s Walnut Shortbread Cookies which is something Ellie makes in the book.IMG_0864

The Light Side of the Moon Recipe: Sean's Candied Walnut Shortbread

September 12, 2015

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September 12, 2015

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