The thrill–and terror–of having a release date

I now know when my book is going to be release: October 9th. 12 days seems terribly far away and terribly close. I’ve never faced a release date alone. With my comics–I always have my collaberator Maria. Not this time. Not that I am really alone of course; I am married to a terrific guy and Maria is my friend whether she is involved with the project or not. Obviously I got my parents and siblings.
Still it feels odd–unlike comic release dates there is not an immediate convention attached. There is no day to day marketing plan with Maria.

What really scares me and honestly the nuttiest part of it all is that I do not remember what is in the final manuscript. I don’t mean the story. Obviously that remained fairly similar, but I keep wondering did I get my point across in each scene? Will people like the characters? Are they realistic and deep enough to be engaging. I have no idea anymore, because honestly I no longer remember which details were cut, kept, added to, etc. And trust me, even though I am on holiday, I am worried about it.

Still it is a wonderful feeling to see the light at the end of the project. On October 9th, something wonderful happens. Other Systems will no longer be in my hands. Due to differences in taste, People might love it, like it, be ambivalent, or hate it–but that is not my problem or responsibility.

That’s what I learned from doing comics. Once it is out there, it is done. And it is time to start something else.

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