The Light Side of Moon Update

As you can see from the title, this post is just to give folks a The Light Side of the Moon update. I originally published this over at my ZB’s Blog of Awesomeness.

titleI know people are curious–I just received another message from a fan.

This is what I can say: last Saturday, I awoke to a message in my email with my edited manuscript!

Yesterday I finished going through all the comments and answered everything. Mostly, I like her suggestions. In the three editing passes of Other Systems, I was told over and over again to add more detail, I think this time, I might’ve added a bit too much. As I like to say, “On to new and better mistakes.” Maybe my next book will be just right. 🙂

Today I accomplished two more steps

During this edit, my editor suggested a short prologue. I’m still not sure about that, but I wrote it and she sent back corrections today. So I spiffied that up.

And I received my French edits back. While the book is in American English, there are some colorful British, French, and German phrases too. It’s been ten years since I used French in actual conversation, but I didn’t do too bad. There was a few mis-conjegated verbs, a vous when tu would have been preferable, and one phrase that was a bit too young for the character, so I’m glad I had a pro look at the lines.

(No matter what the language, I believe in accurate slang and had an expert look at each language.)

My next step is to read the entire manuscript aloud, because that is how I find mistakes or things that just sound odd. Then I will send it back.

Once I finish this edit, I will finish scheduling my summer events. While I can’t tell anyone exactly when the book is coming out yet, I received one question I can answer: The Light Side of the Moon will be released in multiple E-book formats and paperback and yes I will be doing some awesome science fiction drawing workshops over the summer at various King County Libraries. I will also be at World Con.


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