Sofia Essen Interviews R.L. King!

That just happened.

I really did get interviewed by our own 48fourteen author Sofia! She is alumni to us rookies here, and when she asked me to do an interview, I knew it was going to be a good one. Of course I brought some answers that are way off the beaten path, and I dropped a few big names too. In case it ever comes up on a game show, my answers were; Beavis, John Wayne, and Elvis.

I always enjoy the questions one writer asks another, it is usually more craft based subjects. I discuss my last resort efforts as to how I deal with writers block (aka “Spider” in Candace’s blog), or researching, and killing a character we all love. And when one author interviews another, it is almost a rule that we discuss what is coming out or coming up, and this interview is no exception.

Of course I will post a link below, but first, a teaser. I come clean about how I am able to cope with the dreaded rejection letter.

So stop by Sofia’s blog, it is from Greece, called the Diverse Reader! All you have to do is move your mouse down and click. Then, your computer goes to Greece. I know we all want to go to Greece, but since we can’t go right this second, your computer can, and it wants to, and you owe it to your computer.

-R.L. King

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