The Skinny on Blog Tour Host so far

I am writing this blog to give all the details requested about the professional blog tour host Paranormal Cravings.

I found this website looking for paranormal thriller book reviewers. First thing I learned, if you write a paranormal book that is not a romance, reviewers are hard to find. Since Twilight, it is now the normal for anything supernatural or paranormal to be in some sort of strange love triangle. I found Paranormal Cravings was accepting my genre for reviews, and then I saw she was hosting tours with all her contacts she has made over the years.

I got a price list and here is a very quick rundown on the eight packages she offers, and the full details are available on her website as well.

1. $25 Release Day Promo. Ten blogs, one day, with book info, contact links, buy info, one review.
2. $15 Tour Blog Page. She makes a page for you, posting all your info and updates, more.
3. $30 Twitter Party. Hosted by her and her contacts, unique hashtag, and a unique graphic.
4. $65 Review Only Promo. Five reviews, tour and review page, 3 banner ads, all contact and buy links.
5. $50 Small Promo. Five tour stops, tour and review page (which includes book cover, blurb, author info and tour schedule with links), 3 banner ads, social media shouts and press release.
6. $75 Medium Promo. Ten tour stops, and everything else the small promo includes.
7. $100 Micro Website. This is for writers who don’t have Juanita and 48fourteen. We blog here.
8. $150 Large Promo. A.K.A. “Big Bang” tour which lasts for a month. Twenty Stops, mixed with reviews, interviews, promotion stops, guest posts, and everything else the medium promo includes.

I went with the Big Bang for $150. Here is what I got: 14 Promotional Stops, 7 Guest Posts, 6 Reviews, and 2 Interviews. And I get to ask all the stupid questions I want! The one that comes to mind was when I asked her what is a good guest post and what makes a good one. She helped me by telling me that a guest post is a blog, usually around five hundred words, and it always starts with thanking your host. I had lots of other questions to which she replied quickly. She took care of every last detail.

She has been very helpful, and here is my logic on why I will consider her again in the near future. I came across her website looking for reviews on my own, only to find the reviewers with the most followers have a to be read list a mile long. The ones that were taking my genre were telling me to expect a six month average wait time. I found out after I hired this service that one of the tour stops was not accepting new material when I tried on my own, but with the tour hosting service, I got pushed to the front of the line.

I can look at this several ways. One, I made a small investment to learn how this all works, and it has paid for itself and the tour has not even started yet. Two, I am paying less than seven dollars per tour stop, which includes reviews and reaching a lot of readers. And finally, I got treated like a VIP author, and let me tell you, it feels good.

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