Sasquan/WorldCon Wrap-up



So I have returned from five days of crazy caffine-fueled fun, but hard work at Sasquan aka 2015 Worldcon, an annual gathering of horror, science fiction, and fantasy fans. Hundreds of fans, authors, publishers, artists, scientists, and other creators and intellectual leaders attend. The convention featured a dealer’s room and artist alley. educational panels, author readings, autograph sessions, kaffeeklatsches, literary beers, and discussion groups, as well as workshops about writing, art, cosplaying, filk and other music, games  fanzines, children’s programming, and my personal favorite: THE INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL. They show blocks of independent/crowdfunded films. (While some are better than others, I love watching them to see what everyone does.)

Worldcons is also the site of the Hugo Awards, the premier fan-voted awards in SFF, recognizing the greatest books and stories, related works, film, television, podcasts, and fan works. This year there was a large controversy surrounding the awards, but fortunately the fans voted for diverse and inclusive SFF! But all that aside, The Three Body Problem is also the first translated novel to ever win, so it’s doubly exciting.

If you are curious about other winners, please go to

And of course, no mention of Spokane could not be complete without mentioning the fact the area had become a national disaster due to the forest fires burning in the Pacific Northwest. While we were safe from fire in town, let’s just say it looked a little too end of the world outside for my liking.

No those are not clouds, just smoke completely blocking out the sun.

On to my experiences: Tuesday Night, I had a reading at Auntie’s Bookstore, an exciting local bookstore in Spokane.

Aunties Book Reading

But most of the time, I could be found in the dealer’s room which means I was behind a table for 7 hours every day. IMG_0685

Even so I saw some interesting costumes, here are a few of my favorites. 
IMG_0700 IMG_0707

And I went out to the events each night such as room parties, book release parties, and balls.

The view from above The Time Traveler’s Ball.
Here I am making new friends while hanging out in the old ballroom at the Historical Davenport

And I tried some excellent food (and coffee) in the restaurants near Spokane’s downtown corridor including a particularly satisfying donut taste test with my convention roommate, Manga translator Su Mon Han.

Su Mon and I eating a Sante for breakfast.

I know it’s practically blasphemy, but while Donut Parade is the traditional Spokane favorite, the long lines and limited selection made Casual Fridays win. (The donuts are great at both locations!)



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