RustyCon Wrap Up

As some of you know, I just returned from Rustycon. It is an annual science fiction and fantasy convention, held in Seatac. It’s a great smaller convention. They have lots of fun things such as a dealer’s room, an art show, and a hospitality room for the general membership. They offer programming about games, film, television, technology, writing, science, filk singers and music, art, poetry, legal issues.
At a little convention, you tend to have plenty of time to talk to authors, publishers, gamers (or what ever you fancy)
Big conventions can sometimes freak the first-time attendee out, so if you are in the PNW and are considering a small convention, check out Rustycon.

My speaking schedule was as follows
Broken Wings-Writing Damaged Characters
We love our damaged heroes! And we love to talk about them. Katie Cord, Amanda Dinsmore, Betty Bigelow and me discussed developing believable characters who capture a reader’s imagination. We talked a lot about where to research mental and physical disorders.

Sequential Storytelling: Designing a comic
I did a lecture on how to write and produce graphic novels Topics included developing ideas, character design, plotting, storyboarding and more!

Battling Creative Blocks!
Have trouble with artist`s block? Can`t figure out how to get what`s in your head on paper? Ryan Bliss,
Bruce Taylor, Rob Carlos, Betty Bigelow and myself explained how we jump start the creative process.

Then I got on my favorite panel of the convention.
Do you need a science background to write science fiction?
Ted Butler, Tom Wright, Spyder Isaacson and I discussed how to research for writing science fiction and ultimately asked the question do you need a science background to write science fiction? (I was obviously on the NO side of that!)

Gaming as Grown-ups (Because ultimately I am a great big geek)
We cover everything from finding time for gaming when you have a job, a commute, and possibly kids to handling adult subjects in your play.

And best of all: I did a reading!
I reading Chapter 7, 8, & 9 from my debut hard science fiction novel Other Systems. And I gave a preview of The Light Side of the Moon. And I sold books!

Sunday I did not speak on any panels, but I did go to some such as How does it Work?, Public vs Private Space Missions which was extremely interesting. I got a few notes for the Other Systems Universe. (This panel was also hilarious when people who have different ideologies started shouting at each other.) I also attended a few panels on publishing.

Radcon will be coming up next month in Pasco.

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