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Well it seems that the film company interested in my novel for a screenplay has decided to move on to another project, a smaller one. However, the smaller project they are pursuing is my short story The Tell-Tale Soul! For those of you wondering, it is the short story I posted on this website as a gift to the 48fourteen readers.

Needless to say, I am disappointed that the big project will not go to this local film company, but I am still very excited that I will be putting out my first movie. I will begin pushing my novel to the bigger film companies right away.

When I wrote my short stories, I only wrote them for publishing credits, I never thought they would take me anywhere. I enjoy writing the shorts, they are so much more technical than a novel, and I was not sure I was doing them right until now.

I will continue to keep everyone posted on this movie, and any others. When I put out short stories in the future, I will post them here, just for the 48fourteen readers.

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