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The next installment of the Dead Heart debut tour is now online at Nette’s Bookshelf, where I am blogging about Originallity and Genre-Crossing. It seems that a lot of people are getting tired of the same stories written with different names, but the core is still the same. So what does all this mean to a new writer?

In my opinion, you have a few choices. You can re-write things like CSI (I have read several of these re-hashed stories lately) or twilight with a genre-crossing element, or you can go all original.

With that said, re-writing CSI and Twilight will get you picked up out of the slush pile sooner, but unless you have something really special to offer, you will be in a group with a lot of other writers. If you go all original, you will potentially put yourself into your own area without a genre. This can be bad. My example is my story is paranormal without the romance. This niche-genre is very, very small compared to the romance department which is overflowing.

I would always encourage originality, even though it may be much more difficult to get noticed, and even longer to be known and accepted.

Let me know what you think, either as a writer or as a reader, I am very interested in both.

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