Review: Honest Vs. Dishonest

Today’s blog is about getting the honest reviews, because today I got my second honest review (link below). My first review was from Elizabeth Guizzetti, and it will always be my favorite. It was her honest review that inspired me to strive for reviewers that will not pull any punches. A few other authors I have met recently bragged about how many reviews they have on amazon and Barnes and Nobles, and when asked, I told them exactly how many I had. One. (thanks again, Elizabeth!). I could see they were trying not to laugh.

But I had a review I was proud of, not just a number.

About the Dishonest reviews. There is a dirty secret that some people pay other people to go and place hundreds of fake reviews for money. Sadly, one such person created a company and seemed happy to be featured on 60 minutes or 20/20, I forget which show exactly. The worst part is that person is local to my area. It seems you really can buy anything these days.

As a new author, reviews are going to be hard to come by. They take a lot of time, so patience is tested by both the author ready to get the word out and the reviewer with huge pile of books waiting to be read. So what is my advice on this? I suggest putting your genre + book reviewer in your Googler and hope for the best, because that is what I am doing. And today, I got my second honest review. For free!

-R.L. King

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