Pups in space

As some folks who read this blog know, I have an Other Systems Facebook page. I have been polling people with the questions:

If you left Earth and went to another planet to live, what do you think you would you miss most? Note there is coffee on the new world…

If given the chance, would you travel to another colonized planet knowing that it is a one way trip?

Part of it is shameless self-promotion, I admit, but it has also been interesting in seeing people’s answers. Some of the comments have to do with safety (breathable air and all that) but the one intrigued me which was “Can I bring my dog?”

Because I love dogs, On Facebook I said yes as long as if the dog fit in her stasis pod and that I would bring my dogs too. In all actuality both of my dogs are fixed so I realized so they are added weight with no added benefit to society especially as they age. They can not make any pups. Also while Rosie has investigating feet, Tycho is a homebody. Would he be happy on a new planet? He isn’t happy when I walk him downtown.

Regardless since astronauts have a weight allowance, just to be safe, I figure I should lose 9.07 kilograms. (20 pounds) 5.4 for Tycho and 3.6 for Rosie. Of course since there really isn’t a mission, this is a moot point. Probably. After all, people are still talking about colonizing Mars…

If you are interested, here is the link: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Other-Systems/200837483300464
Answer the questions and click on the like button if you like it.

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