After this week’s meeting, I am proud to announce that Dead Heart is now accepted for consideration.

During the meeting, I asked what will the process be from here. I was informed that IF my manuscript is accepted it has to be brought before the board of directors for a vote. From there, a contract will be drawn up detailing the future of Dead Heart the movie. I was assured that every step of the process leading up to the actual filming of the movie takes a lot of time, and my manuscript has many more hurdles to overcome, but I have completed the first step.

It seems that the odds are always against me. I know everyone feels this to a certain extent, but I have also noticed that the higher the odds are stacked against me, the harder I try. I knew that back when I was sitting in a small corner of a tiny one bedroom apartment staring at a blank page on an old computer I built from spare parts.

Nothing worth doing is easy, but it seems that the biggest things in life takes years to grow from seed to fruit bearing trees. It has been almost eight years since I planted this seed, and now (with a very big thanks to Juanita and Matthew at 48fourteen helping me prune the tree branches) I can finally see sweet fruit beginning to ripen.

It is at this point of my blog that I realize I need something cool to say to end this, like “Echelon Out”.

Dead Heart.. THE MOVIE???

May 27, 2012

First Readers

May 27, 2012

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