Meet Taylor Valentine from Their Rigid Rules

Taylor Valentine Morgan sits down with me for an in-depth interview about her life and her relationships with Stuart and Joe from Their Rigid Rules. Taylor had her life planned out since kindergarten. While in college she met Stuart and her perfect plan hit a snag changing her life drastically. Taylor may have had a minor part in Chemical Attraction and Chemical Reaction, but she impacted their family with her subtle strength and support. Today, she answers a few questions from the fans of the series.

CHRISTINA: As a full-time mom, do you miss not having a career? That was your original plan, right?

TAYLOR: I have a career as a domestic coordinator. I organize the family’s schedule, assist at Lily’s school, and keep the house in order. Stuart and I take turns cooking. However, I don’t mow the yard, take out the garbage, or clean the hair from the drain. I gotta draw the line somewhere. I love being a wife and a mom although it took me a while to get used to it.

CHRISTINA: Do you think Joe met his match with Madeline?

TAYLOR: Oh yes. Eva told me about the chemistry of their first kiss on the dance floor. I’m thankful they found each other. Joey works too hard. He found his equal. Lily’s a bit worried though. She believes since Joe loves Madeline he won’t have enough love left over for her. I think with some time she’ll understand that’s not how love works. He’ll always be Lily’s cool Uncle Joey.

CHRISTINA: After all the drama from Their Rigid Rules, has your outlook changed about your life?

TAYLOR: Yes. I’ve become more flexible bending with the changes so not to break. Bad things happened back then, but so much good happened as well. All those changes in my original plan led me to Stuart.

CHRISTINA: Was that the start of your Happily Ever After?

TAYLOR: Not quite. Stuart and I dealt with the aftermath of Their Rigid Rules. We weren’t at fault for any of those crimes yet we forked out serious money for lawyers to sift through it. Stuart tried to protect me from the stress which ended up making everything worse. You’ll give fans a glimpse into that soon.

CHRISTINA: Well, let’s talk about a happier moment. Did you get your Vegas wedding?

TAYLOR: Yes eventually. We had a double wedding with Eva and Matt. With a weekend pass for Joe, Peter picked him up from Quantico so they could join us. Joe walked us down the aisle. I shared the day with all the people I loved. And David loved playing laser tag with Joe and Peter after our reception dinner at the hotel. Later, Stuart and Matt joined them while Eva and I watched. I still tear up over the joy of that weekend.

CHRISTINA: Eva and Joe have mentioned throughout the series that you have a family vibe. Can you elaborate on that? Are you psychic?

TAYLOR: No, I’m not psychic. Since my drug-induced coma years ago, I had developed an ability of insight with our family. The snapshots I saw weren’t about the future; they were about the present. I can’t always decipher the meaning just the emotion of the family member. Once I had seen a mental snapshot of Eva, embarrassed, angry, cold, and stranded in a snow bank. What I couldn’t see was that Eva slipped into a snow bank just outside the Allenton Police Station. This vibe hasn’t come in handy at all except making me worry more.

Thanks for joining me today and giving the fans an “insight” into your life. Next, I’ll talk with Stuart Morgan.

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