Meet Stuart Morgan from Their Rigid Rules

Professor Stuart Morgan sits down with me for an in-depth interview about his life. Stuart is a handsome history professor and former marine. In Their Rigid Rules, he meets Taylor in his Civil War seminar then throws out his strict rules to pursue her. After the drama involving stalking and kidnapping, they’re now married and have two children. In Chemical Attraction and Chemical Reaction, Stuart and Taylor are supportive of Joe during his case. Today, Stuart answers a few questions from the fans of the series.

CHRISTINA: Would you support Taylor if she decided to become a massage therapist again?

STUART: I would, but I wouldn’t like it. She’s moved on from that profession so it’s a non-issue.

CHRISTINA: Will we ever hear your military story that won you a medal?

STUART: Yes, Taylor and I discuss it in a later story. I had a hard time putting that time in my life behind me. Thankfully, I have Taylor, our kids, and the rest of the family for support.

CHRISTINA: What do you do to cope with your PTSD?

STUART: It’s not something a lot of people know about. Although medication has helped many, I don’t take any because I don’t want that to be an issue with my job. Unfortunately, it would give the university president more ammunition against me. The negative connotation of perceived violence is why many vets with PTSD don’t seek medical help … myself included. However, my symptoms have subsided since I’ve married Taylor. I used to have night sweats, nightmares, and panic attacks. Support from my family helps, and I work out every day at the gym.

CHRISTINA: Are you and Matt Connor friendly? We haven’t seen much interaction between the two of you in the stories.

STUART: We’re married to sisters so, yeah, Matt and I hang out a lot. Joe’s usually there, too. He’s a smartass. Matt and I keep him grounded and enjoy giving him a hard time. Joe’s like our little brother.

CHRISTINA: Have you and Joe worked out your issues over Taylor?

STUART: I worked out my issues with Joe a long time ago. It took him a while longer. Joe loved Taylor and protected her for much of her life. After Taylor and I married, Joe focused on his career, which I think helped his transition with the changes. Joe cares about his sisters. You can’t fault him for that.

CHRISTINA: On a lighter note, are any of the football players in your history classes?

STUART: All of them are. It’s a requirement. Taylor once met me as my class let out. Talk about awestruck. She went gaga. The guys were all about meeting her because of our notoriety. She impressed them with her knowledge of the game. She even lectured the offensive linemen about their stance which gave away their blocking direction. I don’t tell Taylor when that class is. My students don’t need the added distraction, and I don’t need the competition.

Thanks for joining me today and giving the fans a look into your life. Next, I’ll visit with Madeline’s Aunt Sylvia. I enjoy Sylvia and Joe’s interactions.

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