Meet Police Chief Matthew Connor from The Chemical Attraction Series

Allenton Police Chief Matthew Connor sits down with me for an in-depth interview about his life. As a single dad, Matt raised David until he met Eva O’Sullivan in Their Rigid Rules. Serving the people in his town, he’s stepped up during Joe’s case. He stopped a dangerous nano-drug from infecting his town in Chemical Attraction and saved a woman’s life in Chemical Reaction. Today, he answers a few questions from the fans of the series.

CHRISTINA: When you first saw Eva with David, what was your first thought?

MATT: “Mesmerizing” came to mind. She definitely spiced up my life. The first time she visited me in Allenton, she took the town by storm turning it upside down. I didn’t think the Allenton gossip circuit could travel faster than the speed of light. Boy, that weekend it had.

CHRISTINA: How hard was it to be a single dad for first eight years of David’s life?

MATT: Tough. Like I mentioned before, gossip is big in this town and stereotypes are even bigger. I’ve been the chief for ten years, but I’m still known as the boy who knocked up his high school girlfriend. Beth gave up her rights to David right after he was born while I embraced fatherhood. I wouldn’t have changed a thing though. He makes me a better person and I strive to be the man he looks up to.

CHRISTINA: Uncovering a criminal network in your town, Joe created tension by not informing you about his case from the beginning. How’s your relationship with him now?

MATT: Man, I don’t want him to visit us anymore … too much drama when he’s around. Joking aside, I love Joe like a little brother. Years ago after Their Rigid Rules, Stuart and I helped him out of a sticky situation, which cemented a brothers’ bond among the three of us. Besides, I could do worse than have a federal agent and a college professor as brothers.

CHRISTINA: How’d you feel when David played hero and helped Jessica Fillion?

MATT: Trouble follows that kid so I wasn’t surprised although I wish he would have come to me first. I hate how that situation turned out. Sometimes life isn’t fair. I worry about the effects this case will have on him. Don’t tell Eva I said that. She worries too much as it is. I have to believe David’s resilient. However, I don’t things will ever be normal again. By the way, I heard that your husband wanted to kill me off in the second book. All I have to say is you could do so much better. Seriously, I’m glad you didn’t. I hope to hold my grandchildren someday.

CHRISTINA: Well, I think I’ll keep the hubby around for now. Just a couple more questions before I let you go. Do you want David to pursue a career in law enforcement?

MATT: It’s his choice. Eva’s not keen on the idea, but she accepts it. David’s smart and has made responsible choices so far. As a dad, I have to trust he’ll continue to do that. There’s not much else I can do.

CHRISTINA: I get the feeling that your responsibilities take over much of your life. What do you do for fun?

MATT: Ha. Not having much fun these days. I enjoy spending time with my wife and I crochet to relax. It’s meditative. My mother taught me years ago. I made David’s first baby blanket. I donate the baby blankets I make now to our local hospital. After seeing the basket of yarn next to our sofa, Joe gave me a hard time until Eva told him what I did with the finished ones. Boy, did he feel bad. His niceness lasted for a month. It really creeped Eva out.

Thanks for joining me today and giving the fans insight into your life. Next, I’ll chat with Taylor Valentine Morgan about motherhood, her marriage to Stuart, and her relationship with Joe.

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