Meet Peter Bingaman from The Chemical Attraction Series

Before I visit with Joe and Madeline, I want to hear what Joe’s boss and coworkers have to say about him. Today, FBI Detroit Division Director Peter Bingaman sits down with me for an interview about his life. This seasoned director took Joe under his wing, caught Stuart Morgan’s stalker in Their Rigid Rules, and had Joe’s back in Chemical Attraction and Chemical Reaction. Thank you, Director, for taking a few minutes to answer questions from the fans of the series.

CHRISTINA: You first met Joe when he was still in college. What did you see in him?

PETER: Joe pulled a gun on me when we first met. He was a pain in my ass, but he had potential. I eventually taught him everything he knows about law enforcement. He’d probably say it’s the other way around.

CHRISTINA: You knew Joe before he became your subordinate. Is your relationship with Joe different than with your other agents?

PETER: Joe and I have developed levels to our relationship. We respect each other at the office. I mentored Joe, which wasn’t hard. He’s naturally talented. I demand excellence from my protégé, and he produces the results I need. My other agents think I’m extremely tough on Joe because I dislike him. That’s so far from the truth. With the family, we’ve mocked each other as friends. Publicly, we have never crossed that line between the professional and personal. We value our jobs and our friendship too much to jeopardize either.

CHRISTINA: Joe doesn’t conform to the FBI’s dress code instead he wears jeans and t-shirts. What kind of dirt does he have on you?

PETER: Ha! That’ll be revealed in another story. Let’s just say he helped me with an issue years ago and earned some leeway with his attire.

CHRISTINA: In Chemical Reaction, we’ve met your youngest daughter. When we will we meet your oldest?

PETER: You already have.

CHRISTINA: In Their Rigid Rules, you had promised to take Joe back to your cabin to get his car. How was that drive?

PETER: We drove up there after he finished his training. For some reason, my brother (General Bingaman) thinks Joe’s amusing and keeps inviting him up there. Joe calls the cabin the Fortress of Solitude. Anyway, his beast of a car wouldn’t start so I had to have it towed.

CHRISTINA: What’s next for Joe and his team?

PETER: Well, while he’s on his month long honeymoon with Madeline, his team will be wrapping up the case. I’m ready to put this whole damn drama behind us.

CHRISTINA: Director, thanks for taking some time out of your busy schedule. Next, I sit down with Tim Orr, Ray Anderson, and Mike Garrett. Agents, let’s get right to it. How do you get along with Joe?

TIM: Joe’s a hard ass. At work he’s serious. During the BennTech bust a few weeks ago, we got a glimpse of his humorous side when his sister busted his balls. I don’t think Joe’s ever bested her. Eva’s a force to be reckoned with.

RAY: Since this will be in print and Joe will read it, I’ll just say over the last month he’s mellowed out. Thanks to Madeline.

MIKE: Yeah, Madeline calms his anger. He scares me and he’s really bossy. He’s had me doing boring grunt work since I joined the unit.

CHRISTINA: Mike, how good did it feel to call Joe an Ass and Bully over the phone?

MIKE: It felt great for about a minute. Then, I realized he’d be returning to Detroit. I’m still waiting for the fallout over that. Maybe he’ll forget about it.

RAY: We’ll remind him.

MIKE: Great. Thanks.

CHRISTINA: Ray, did you really hit on Madeline when you first met her? How’d that go?

RAY: In my defense, I didn’t know she was Joe’s woman at the time. She shot me down quickly although she was nice about it.

CHRISTINA: Ray, are you dating anyone now?

RAY: No, work keeps me busy, and I take care of my sister and niece. It doesn’t leave much time for dating.

CHRISTINA: Tim, where do you go to relax?

TIM: Joe and Madeline are heading there for their honeymoon. It’s our family’s secluded cabin in Canada. It’s the most peaceful place on the planet.

CHRISTINA: Mike, did eight-year-old Lily Morgan really ask you to marry her?

MIKE: Yeah, and in front of Joe at his wedding reception. Lily cornered me and Judge Mayfield. Thank God her father stepped in. I didn’t want to hurt her feelings.

Thanks guys for taking time out of your day to answer the fans’ questions.

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