Meet Madeline’s Aunt Sylvia from The Chemical Attraction Series

Sylvia Folkert sits down with me for an in-depth interview about her life. Madeline’s Aunt Sylvia lost her husband, Herbert, a year ago. Recently, she sold her bed and breakfast and became the nanny to Taylor and Stuart Morgan’s children. Today, Sylvia answers a few questions from the fans of the series.

CHRISTINA: Whose idea was it to setup Madeline with Joe Roberts?

SYLVIA: At the local women’s group, Eva and I thought Joseph and Madeline would have chemistry. Having them meet at the Allenton fundraiser worked out perfectly. I think Joseph saw right through our plan. He was already smitten though. I’m happy everything worked out. I trust in the Lord’s plan for us. My sister, Allison, would have approved the match. My heart breaks that she’s not here to see how happy her daughter is. Family meant everything to Allison, too.

CHRISTINA: You met Joe before the start of Chemical Attraction. How’d you first meet?

SYLVIA: I met Joseph about the time Eva and Matthew started dating. Joseph and Peter stayed at the B & B. His humorous flirting got him into trouble with Herbert, who jokingly put him in his place. Herbert thought pairing Joseph with Madeline would be beneficial for both of them. Eva and I felt we carried out his wishes.

CHRISTINA: Is Joe as good of a dancer as he thinks he is?

SYLVIA: Yes, he is. I danced with him before Madeline did. I knew then that the pairing would work.

CHRISTINA: Did Earl VanKampen have any chance of courting you?

SYLVIA: Good God, no. Herbert was my one and only. My focus is on my new family now. Suddenly, I have sons, daughters, and grandchildren. I’m truly blessed. Stuart and Taylor have welcomed me into their home. I love Lily and little Joseph. They keep my heart young.

CHRISTINA: Tell us about your husband, Herbert.

SYLVIA: Joseph reminds me of Herbert ─charming with a sense of humor and a kind heart. Herbert retired after working thirty-five years at Haworth Manufacturing then he helped me at the B & B until he passed. I miss dancing with him. We met at the local American Legion’s annual Veteran’s dance. He was my Navy man. Herbert swept me off my feet.

CHRISTINA: Everyone loves your chocolate chip cookies. Care to share the recipe?

SYLVIA: It’s Herbert’s mother’s recipe. Darlene would say, “Love makes them good, but lard makes them great.” That’s our secret, right? The women in my sewing circle have been after my recipe for years.

It’s our secret. Thanks for joining me today and giving the fans insight into your life.

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