Meet FBI Agent Joe Roberts from The Chemical Attraction Series

Today, Joe Roberts answers a few questions from the fans of the series. In the prequel Their Rigid Rules, Joe meets his future boss and sets his career with the FBI in motion. In Chemical Attraction, he and Madeline fall in love during that dangerous case. In Chemical Reaction, they struggle to make it work while apart. Madeline’s a genius; Joe needs to be right. They marry after a month. Let’s find out how Joe expects their relationship to last a lifetime.

CHRISTINA: How’d you know Madeline was your one?

JOE: The moment I saw her jogging down the street next to her aunt’s B & B. Our kiss on the dance floor confirmed it for me.

CHRISTINA: There are two theories: 1) You knew before you arrived in Allenton that Madeline was your contact; and 2) You didn’t know until she said the code word at the party. So set the record straight.

JOE: Do I seem like the type of agent who would start a case without identifying the anonymous caller before I arrived? No. I found out her name. The rest of her background came later. At the fundraiser, I observed her before I identified myself. I didn’t realize the affect she’d have on me although I knew the assignment would be tough. I mean look at her. She’s gorgeous. No man in his right mind would turn her down. Many have hit on her including a fellow agent, Ray Anderson. I’m lucky she chose me.

CHRISTINA: Madeline’s a genius research scientist and you need to be right. Do you find her intimidating?

JOE: I grew up where I had to take charge. I was on my own and had to be right to survive. With Madeline, I love the challenge of raising myself up intellectually. I find her intelligence sexy.

CHRISTINA: Is there any correlation between Madeline and Taylor’s favorite scent of lilacs? Did that scent attract you to Madeline?

JOE: Wait. What? I, um, uh, I never thought about that and I’m not comfortable discussing it.

CHRISTINA: Okay, we’ll move on. How’s your relationship with Stuart now?

JOE: We’re good. He and Matt treat me like a little brother although they don’t pick on me as much as Eva does. I let her to make her feel superior just don’t tell her I said that.

CHRISTINA: You and Sylvia have a flirty relationship. How’d that start?

JOE: I met Sylvia and Herbert Folkert years ago when Director Bingaman and I stayed at their B & B. She asked me all sorts of personal questions. Was I married? Did I have a girlfriend? I flirted back then asked her why she was so interested in me when her husband was standing right next to her. Herbert said I could try to tame Sylvia but she’d be too much woman for me. I didn’t understand at the time that she was thinking of setting me up with Madeline. Herbert also gave me an inspiring piece of advice that I still hold on to. I’ll share it with Madeline when we go on our honeymoon.

CHRISTINA: When did you get rid of your tank of a car and buy the Ford Taurus?

JOE: My ’88 Lincoln Continental sat at the director’s cabin for most of the winter and wouldn’t start so he had to have it towed. Before I answer about my Taurus, what did the director say about it? I didn’t actually buy it, but that’s a story for another time. Yes, I’m being cryptic on purpose.

CHRISTINA: How would you characterize your relationship with your boss?

JOE: The director took a chance on me years ago. I’m grateful for that. At the office, he’s Director Bingaman. It’s different at family gatherings. Before you ask, I have no other comment about my dress code.

Thanks for joining me today and giving the fans insight into your life.

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