Meet Eva Connor from The Chemical Attraction Series

Eva O’Sullivan Connor sits down with me for an in-depth interview about her life from the prequel Their Rigid Rules through the end of Chemical Reaction. Eva grew up in a single parent household and met Joe and Taylor in grade school. They quickly became inseparable. Eva has a fierce love for her family and believes families are bound by love not blood. Throughout the series, Eva’s insights have helped piece together important information in Joe’s case. Today, she answers a few questions from the fans of the series.

CHRISTINA: Taylor and Joe have said this about you: “Eva’s Irish spitfire attitude magnifies her petite frame. If Eva has an opinion on a subject, you knows it whether you want to or not.” Does that description bother you?

EVA: No, it’s true and it’s not a bad thing. I like that way I am. Joe and Taylor tease me about my bossiness, but it’s never mean. We have our strengths and weaknesses. Family balances them. How boring would it be if we were all the same?

CHRISTINA: You impressed David and Matt from your first meeting. How’d you feel about them?

EVA: What’s not to love? David was adorable. He’s smart with a good heart just like his father. And, well, my first thought about Matt was “Wow, now this is a man.” Not a guy or a college boy. This handsome rugged man has embraced the responsibilities to his son and his profession. Seriously, Matt was shot in the line of duty. How much more manly can you get? I adore their tender side, too. Years ago when David was eight, the heat went out at the house in the middle of winter. The three of us cuddled in David’s twin bed. The joy and love from them overwhelmed me. They included me in their family. I can’t imagine a better feeling for your soul than that.

CHRISTINA: Throughout the series, you’ve fixed the meals when the family gathers. Have you always been a great cook?

EVA: I learned to cook from Matt’s mom. We didn’t get off to a great start. In fact, Gail hated me, but food brought us closer. I guess it was our bonding moment. I have a thick homemade cookbook with all her delicious recipes. After everything that’s happened between us, I miss her.

CHRISTINA: What happened that made her dislike you so much?

EVA: Oh boy, well, I visited Matt at his house for our first weekend together without David, who stayed at a friend’s house. Naked in his bed, I waited for Matt to come home from work. Well, Gail walked in first. His parents lived across the street from him. She called me a harlot. The weekend deteriorated from there. Everything I did caused a stir in the town. It’s a big part in the sequel to Their Rigid Rules.

CHRISTINA: Your original plan was to become a doctor yet you’re a physician’s assistant. Are you returning to school any time soon?

EVA: Life got in the way of that. I’m considering grad school again. Working in the Occupational Health Department at the hospital isn’t as fun as it used to be. And they’ll need another doctor in that department soon since the other is … uh … no longer with us.

CHRISTINA: Let’s move on to something a bit lighter. You love messing with Joe. You’ve calling him out for his player ways and embarrassed him with your over-the-com comments during the BennTech bust in Chemical Attraction, and then you pranked him during your phone call with Madeline in Chemical Reaction. Has he ever gotten you back for those shenanigans?

EVA: Not yet. He tries, but I’m always a step ahead of him. Taylor and I tease him with our pranks so his anger doesn’t take over. Madeline’s the perfect balance for him. For a long time Joe didn’t think he was worthy of someone special. I hope Madeline will continue to appreciate how great he is. Oh, uh, don’t tell him I said that. He doesn’t need a bigger head.

Thanks for sharing your insights. I love how dedicated you are to your family. Next, I’ll talk with Eva’s husband, Chief Matthew Connor, about his family, his work, and Joe’s case.

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