Meet Dr. Madeline Pierce from The Chemical Attraction Series

Madeline Pierce visits with me and answers a few questions from the fans of the series. In Chemical Attraction, Madeline, a research scientist in nanotechnology, uncovers a sinister scientific plot with the help of FBI Agent Joe Roberts. She and Joe fall in love during the dangerous case. Then, in Chemical Reaction, they struggle to make their relationship work while apart. Madeline’s a genius; Joe needs to be right. They marry after a month. Let’s find out how she expects their relationship to last a lifetime.

CHRISTINA: We don’t know much about your family. Are you close to your parents?

MADELINE: No, my mom died when I was young and I don’t talk to my father. I haven’t missed having parents with Aunt Sylvia and Uncle Herbert around. For years, Uncle Herbert and I would debate philosophy. I learned so much from him. Aunt Sylvia is so much like my mom…beautiful with a teasing sense of humor. She’s kept me laughing while Uncle Herbert kept me dancing. I adore them. I miss my uncle. It broke my heart that he wasn’t here to walk me down the aisle.

CHRISTINA: You knew Joe was a player before you knew he was the FBI agent assigned to your case. What first attracted you to him?

MADELINE: His butt, his biceps, his abs, his sexy green eyes. Oh my, is it getting warm in here? I thought he was handsome in a tuxedo. Then I saw him in jeans and a t-shirt … even sexier. Deep down, Joe’s a romantic guy and cares about people. I love him for the little things he does. For example, he walked my aunt home on a dark evening and worried about her feelings after Earl’s mean comments to her. During the case, Joe joked with me on several occasions to calm my nerves.

CHRISTINA: Joe says he’s not intimidated by your genius. He finds it sexy. I’m curious who would win in a Chess match?

MADELINE: Well, first of all, I think he can hold his own when it comes to intelligence. Second, I would never play him in a match. Can you imagine how big his head would get if he won? Seriously though, I don’t like to compete with him. We work well together. It’s what I love about us.

CHRISTINA: Do you think you’ll ever be a fan of boating and the water?

MADELINE: I haven’t gone near the water since I was eight. It brings back bad memories for me. And the last few weeks haven’t changed my mind about it either. I prefer to enjoy the water from solid ground.

CHRISTINA: What’s your next adventure with Joe?

MADELINE: We’re going up to Tim Orr’s secluded cabin in Canada for our honeymoon. I’m ready to relax and recharge. I can’t think of anything that could possibly disturb us there.

Thanks for joining me today and giving the fans insight into your life. To read more about Madeline and Joe’s story, visit my Amazon Author Page at or my Barnes & Noble Series Page at

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