Meet David Connor from The Chemical Attraction Series

I’ve had the privilege of getting to know the people in The Chemical Attraction Series. They’ve told me their story and I wrote about their amazing journey. I left out a few bits of their background such as the beginning romance of Eva and Matt, the relationship between Joe and his boss Peter, and the fallout from Taylor and Stuart’s escapades. I hope to tell the rest of their story soon and I also look forward to their adventure after Chemical Reaction. They have so much more to teach me.

David Connor sits down with me for an in-depth interview about his life from the prequel Their Rigid Rules through the end of Chemical Reaction. This high school senior is the son of Matt and Eva Connor and the nephew of Joe Roberts. He’s had an integral part in the series. David brought Eva and his dad together in Their Rigid Rules, found a body in the cornfield in the first chapter of Chemical Attraction, and then saved a woman’s life in Chemical Reaction. Today, he answers a few questions from the fans of the series.

Christina: What was it like growing up with a dad who’s the Chief of Police?

David: My mom and dad know everyone in our rural town. I still can’t get away with anything without them hearing about it. You wouldn’t believe how many adults are tattlers here. It’s also scary. I was eight the first time Dad was shot on duty and I had nightmares. To help me work through it, he let me stay with him in the hospital. Recently, someone shot at my dad while we were protecting Jesse. That hour of not knowing if he was alive or dead was the worst feeling ever. I wanted to die just to stop the pain.

Christina: Let’s talk about your mom, Eva. You met her before your dad did. What drew you to her?

David: Well, I met Aunt Taylor first. She introduced me to Eva who helped me with my homework during Dad’s stint in rehab. At the time, I thought third grade math was stupid. Anyway, I adored her from the beginning. She would play with the hair by my ear. I found it comforting. I remember Dad and I were supposed to go to a movie after he and Eva first met. Dad quizzed me about her until we visited her again later that night. She once told me about the Kindred Code: Blood means nothing; Love is everything. She wanted to be my mom not my stepmom and adopted me right after her and Dad married. I love her for that. My mom, Aunt Taylor, and Uncle Joe have a tight bond; I glad Dad and I are part of it.

Christina: Let’s discuss your Uncle Joe for a minute. You really didn’t know he worked for the FBI?

David: I had no idea. I remember seeing Peter’s gun in the hospital cafeteria. That’s how I met Taylor. I didn’t put it together that Peter was in law enforcement like my dad was. I thought Uncle Joe and Peter worked in a boring office…selling insurance or something equally boring. At family gatherings, they never talked about their jobs. Wow, what a bad assumption.

Christina: Do you think your relationship with Jessica Fillion would have lasted?

David: I’d like to think so. Although I knew her for only two weeks, I think the impression she left will last forever. The U.S. marshals had better watch out for her. That’s what worries me the most. She’s alone … no family, no friends. She can’t even work in the profession she loves. God, it drives me nuts. It keeps me awake at night. I’ll always carry her good-bye letter in my wallet.

Christina: What do you want to do after you graduate from high school?

David: Right now, I want to get through this last year. I’m hoping to graduate early then start college next spring. Growing up, I thought I’d go into law enforcement and be a cop like my dad, but now I’m interested in the FBI…and maybe I’ll have a chance to contact Jesse again. I really miss her. I vowed never to betray her memory.

Thanks for sharing your story, David. Stay safe and good luck in your senior year. Next, I’ll talk with Eva O’Sullivan Connor. I can’t wait to hear her opinions on … well … everything in the series. She loves messing with Joe. I want to know if he’s ever gotten her back for her shenanigans.

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