Meet the characters in Chemical Attraction

Meet the characters in Chemical Attraction

FBI Agent Joe Roberts dates—a lot. The King of All Players has never had a steady girlfriend. He’s actually searching for “his one.” He wants that instant chemistry like the ones his sisters have with their husbands. With anger in his heart, he’s ready to give up on that romantic notion. Then, he meets Madeline.

After an abusive relationship, Dr. Madeline Pierce hides behind her nano-research. When she discovers a criminal network within her facility, she’s partnered with Joe. As she becomes bolder, she wants to trust his sweet words, but she wonders if he’s playing her like the men from her past.

Police Chief Matt Connor adores his wife (Joe’s sister) and works hard to keep his family and rural town safe. When farm animals become violent and meth labs become abundant, his calm demeanor is tested.

Eva Connor, a petite Irish spitfire, has an opinion on everything and you know it whether you want to or not. Her resolve is shaken as she worries about her brother and the rest of her family.

On the verge of adulthood, David Connor still likes his video games and comic books. Those things he relates to help the case, but he quickly learns that growing up isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Unnerved by her friend’s brutal death, Sylvia Folkert, Madeline’s elderly aunt, needs to change her life. She wonders what else she can do besides run her Bed & Breakfast.

In the first book of its series, the characters’ intertwining relationships transform into even stronger bonds as they work against this dangerous threat.

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