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I mostly write about things that scare me. Ghosts. Murderers. Death in general. I try to lighten the mood with some humor, and with quirky characters who don’t always say or do the right thing, but who have good hearts and good intentions. I try to have satisfying endings where good triumphs–at least for a little while. I hope there is a lesson (or lessons) sprinkled in there too. Of course, there is always a love story.

Love stories = kissing scenes.

I’ve always enjoyed writing kissing scenes, even before I experienced my first “real” kiss.

Once upon a time, I was 23-years-old. I’d never been in love (though I’d had plenty of crushes, and had used the word “love” to describe most of them), and I’d never been kissed. Yep, you read that right. My first kiss came when I was 23-years old.

Okay…technically, my first kiss came when I was 12.

We were “going out,” and my friends rushed up to my locker to inform me that my “boyfriend” wanted to kiss me. He came up to me. We walked down the hall, then stopped, and I gave him a quick peck on the lips. Or maybe he kissed me. I don’t remember. I just remember hurrying away, while the vice principal scolded him (kissing wasn’t allowed in the hallway). We never did it again. Our relationship didn’t last that long.

Also…I played a game of spin-the-bottle when I was thirteen, but I only kissed one boy during that game…and it was very awkward.

So, those first two kisses don’t count. And even if they do, ten years passed between that spin-the-bottle game and my first “real” kiss at the age of 23. During that decade-long gap, I wrote plenty of kissing scenes, plenty of love stories. But it was all based on my imagination.

I realized shortly after I got married that none of the heroes in my stories resembled my husband. Now, I try to add little bits of his personality. I add his humor. His temper. His style of flirting. And I often use our first kiss as inspiration.

***Our First Kiss***

wedding announcement

I was 24 (that kiss I had at 23? Someone else. We won’t talk about him here.). We were sitting on his couch. All his roommates had gone to sleep. We’d already held hands. We’d already confessed how we felt about each other. I was just waiting for that first kiss.

He put one hand on my cheek, and kissed me with soft, parted lips. I still remember the pleasure that shivered through me. I remember thinking, “He’s good at this.” I remember the electricity at the gentle touch of his tongue. And I remember the desire for more when he pulled away.

Let me tell you, it was a lot easier to write kissing scenes after that!

Here are two sample kissing scenes for you. Enjoy!

***Spirit Stalkers***

Blond girl walking alone in the dark at cemetery

“…he put a hand under her chin. As soon as she tilted her head up toward him, he placed that hand on her cheek. He leaned down, inching toward her lips, as she struggled to decide whether or not to close her eyes. When his lips brushed hers, her eyes closed on their own. It was a gentler kiss than she’d expected from him, full of invitation, but no pressure.

Mary’s lips accepted the invitation. Her mouth parted ever so slightly, her breath mingling with his. He tasted faintly of mint toothpaste. He pulled her closer to him, and the kiss grew more intense—a lot less invitation and a lot more pressure. It was dizzying. She turned away from his lips and rested her forehead on his chest, breathing hard.”

A little sappy? Maybe, but it was fun to write.

You can read Spirit Stalkers on Wattpad.


Foreshadowed Final Cover EBook 1600x2400

“His lips cut me off—and not with words. His movement is sudden. One moment, I’m talking and the next we’re kissing. His hands cup my face, his lips urgent against my own. It’s my first kiss…and it’s awkward. Not bad, just awkward. My lips sort of stumble, not sure what to do, but it doesn’t seem to bother him. He keeps kissing me, one of his hands sliding to the back of my head, his fingers threading through my hair. Chills tickle my neck and my body softens, melting into him.”

Foreshadowed is available in paperback and E-book. You can buy it here:

Amazon (print & eBook):
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Do you have a favorite kissing scene from a book you’d like to share?

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